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optimum-you will help you establish personalized routines that help you thrive!
Nutrition? Work-outs? Meditation? Journaling? Routines? There is so much confusing information out there on how to live your life and optimize all areas of it. optimum-you is different. optimum-you is all about YOU. How do you want to feel and where do you want to be at? What is good for you and what is not? optimum-you is here to help you filter through it all and find simpleĀ  habits and routines that work for YOU, YOUR metabolism, YOUR goals, YOUR life and set you up to THRIVE.

Yes. Feel your best. Be your best. Exactly the way YOU want it to be. Not in a strangely optimized way, just healthy, happy and fully aware of what you are doing.

Nutrition? Workouts? What?
optimum-you is a holistic system. We look at your mind, your decisions and build a set of healthy habits in all areas of your lives – that work for you – from there.

Awareness: the first stepĀ  is to look at things, become aware (not judgy and mad – simply curious) – and make things work for and not against you.
Mind: your mind is a driving part here… All habit building and routines start with your beliefs, your decisions about yourself, your life and how things are and will be.
Rest: sleep and rest are a key part of the optimum-you system. Nobody thrives in constant stress and burnout.
Food: your food fuels you and can sabotage the way you feel. We will look at what works for you, what does not and how you can strategically use your food and hydration to support you in thriving.
Sport: we are meant to move and movement is a big part of the optimum-you system as well. Movement influences every aspect of your well-being and we will identify the right routines for you.