5 steps to thriving

Happy Holidays to all of you – wishing you all a warm and wonderful time.
Thinking about the time after the holidays, New Years resolutions and all, I often get asked: ‘what are the key things to focus on to get into shape and feel my best’?
If I had a wish-list for all of you – what I would like you to focus on to take better care of yourselves, feel better and all – here is what it would be:

1. Cut back on sugar
With that I mean all the white flour, refined grains and sugar (as well as sweeteners like agave and all that crap). All of it. Same goes for alcohol.
Little to no sugar is best for your all over health – and with that also for your energy levels and mood. Want to feel great? Cut back on sugar.

2. Drink more water
Almost everybody I know could use more water, unsweetened teas and such in their lives. Plan water breaks, have 2 big glasses of water in the morning, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! So simple and so under-used. Do it!

3. Eat a good balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats
Keeping an even blood sugar is a key to stable energy, no cravings, high satisfaction and vibrant health. When you eat protein, some healthy fat and lots of colors you keep your sugar levels very stable.
As an example: a smoothie is much better for you when it contains some protein and some healthy fat. So: whatever you eat or drink – have some protein and healthy fat with it! And the more colorful veggies the better.

4. Move more
The many ways that moving your body is good for you is hard to keep track of. Your brain, your mood, your heart, your soul, your smarts, your bones, your muscles, your hormone health, your stress response. EVERYTHING. Move more in your everyday, get up, take the stairs, park your car further away, get a step counter… and schedule time during your busy week to focus on movement. The payback is huge.

5. Sleep well
Going to bed early enough, having a regular bed time routine, getting solid sleep and making sure to rest properly should ideally be high priority on everybody’s list. And – if you dont sleep well, make it a priority to find your way back to healthy sleep. So important!

Some of you guys have all these down, some of you struggle with one or two, some of you need to focus on all. No matter where you are at right now, don’t judge,worry and fret – simply look at one after the other – awareness is the first step.
And then – start making steps in the right direction.
Track things and plan things out, get professional help if you feel you need it, get a few friends together as accountability partners. Make it a focus.
All the best for all of you and your loved ones.



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