Barbara Birke


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Barbara Birke

My key passion in life is this: ‘I want to support people in reaching their individual optimum through targeted nutrition strategies and simple and sustainable healthy habits’.

I am a nutritionist with a broader perspective. My knowledge and education base, which ranges from Sports Science (D) to Nutrition (board certified by the NANP, USA) and further education in Holistic Health, allows me to take a truly holistic approach. Many of my clients have improved fundamentally as we fixed sleep issues, stress response, imbalances, gut issues and – obviously working with nutrition and hydration.
I have worked with athletes, I have helped people regain their health, I have worked in a global corporation, I have supported busy people to make it work.

I offer a holistic approach to achieving optimal performance through optimal nutrition and simple and holistic healthy habits.
I work with a colorful variety of clients stretching from professionals to busy parents to athletes.
I am passionate about helping you figure out your individual ‘simple set of healthy habits’. These habits work for you – because they are individualized, simple and proven. Simple being key as you are able to stick to the habits and internalize them; individualized being key because the habits work for you, your lifestyle, your physical status and your performance goals. And they are deeply empowering as they put you into the driver’s seat… take control of driving your health and performance!

My biggest fundamental beliefs with regards to nutrition and health:

  1. Simple healthy habits that work for YOU are the key to success. Nobody benefits from highly complicated interventions – if you can’t stick to them (sometimes they are needed, yes!). It is the little things that you do on a consistent basis that bring the biggest benefit.
  2. Nutrition is a highly individual topic. Your individual makeup determines what will work best for you. There is no dietary theory that I completely subscribe to – there are good ones and bad ones and I certainly pull from many of the good ones. But I first and foremost know that your individual metabolism, digestive system, stress level, likes and dislikes, health status, etc. influence what will work for you and what will not.
  3. Optimal performance can only be achieved through a holistic approach. Many of my clients have improved their performance fundamentally as we fixed sleep issues, stress response, gut issues and the likes – which seems odd or different to some people. I – obviously – always work on nutrition and hydration, but the truth is this: sustainable, high performance can only happen when you are in balance as a whole.
  4. I believe in the power of whole, clean and pure foods. True energy, balance and health cannot come from artificial stuff.
  5. Movement (at your individual level) is key. The body is made to move and health and balance can not be achieved without it.
  6. I practice what I preach. I make my approach work for my own busy lifestyle and for my family. I have a strong sense of responsibility for my own health and well-being and hope to instill this into my clients. I am a health nut with all my heart and soul, love kale, quinoa and smoothies… and I also love chocolate and wine – my approach is very realistic and balanced.

Taking control of your nutrition, movement and lifestyle choices is deeply empowering, highly energizing and makes so much sense!

My (canadian) husband and I (german) live in Toronto, Ontario with our 2 amazing children. We just moved here from Portland (Oregon). I founded optimum-you in 2010 in Portland, moved it to Germany, back to Portland and now to Toronto…and  am so happy that  it keeps growing and thriving. I love my work.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Be well,