Veggie Challenge – are you in?

On a call with one of my wonderful clients yesterday, we landed on taking a ‘veggie challenge’. We decided, that for the coming week, we would add veggies to everything we eat. Find ways to integrate them no matter what.
I frequently see clients (and myself) eating less veggies during this time of the year – as nobody feels like eating salad all the time and smoothies are cold and summery as well… Continue reading

simple ways to reduce toxins in your life

Reducing your toxic load is one of the big topics that flows into my nutrition and health coaching work. Especially with hormone health, it is such an important key topic to tackle.
And yes, it is complicated…
Making this integrative journey simple for you is my main goal – so here are the 3 things you can focus on to start reducing toxins in your (and your loved ones’) lives: Continue reading

back to school, back to routine

Now that the kids are back in school, we can finally go back to our own routines that keep us at our best. What is your best version of your optimal day?
Mine is pretty simple – it includes a good sleep, a brief morning mediation, journaling/gratitude and goal setting for the day, a big glass of water with ACV….followed by solid nutrition (many different colours, lots of water, select supplements), good skin care and some kind of a workout for sure! Tons of productive and inspiring work hours – and it also includes good connection with friends and family.

Anyway – one of the keys to making your routine work for YOU and stick, is to get a few things right in the morning. A good morning routine sets you up for long term success – day by day and step by step. Want to give it a try?
Download this worksheet (my personal morning:day routine) fill it in and send it through to me. I will follow up with a few tips and tricks on how to optimize for yourself and your goals.

Enjoy – and looking forward to hearing from YOU.
take good care,

simple tricks to keep up your hydration

How are you doing in the hot weather? Quite intense, isn’t it? I am really enjoying it! The weekend at the cottage was amazing and the perfect place to bet – but even back in the city, we are making sure to keep the house cool, we have lots of shade in the backyard – and – we all make sure to hydrate lots. Continue reading

Why do I still buy my cosmetics in Germany?

As you probably all know about me, I am from Germany and have been living in the US and then Canada for about 11 years now.
One question I get often is: why, after being away for so many years, do you still buy your cosmetics in Germany? Doesn’t that seem a bit sentimental?
No, actually, this has no sentimental reasons at all.
Zero. Continue reading


I am so excited to start my SPRING INTO SUMMER program at Lili Viola Pilates this week!
Are you looking to “clean up your act’? Do you feel like you might just need a bit of a ‘reset’? Or a rather big one even?
I am here for you and would love to support.

My 21 day program combines nutrition (a clean eating challenge – getting rid off ‘not so great foods’ and finding tons of way to bring in great foods!) with overall lifestyle and health habits. It is not a set program that forces my point of view onto you – but it is an exploration that puts YOU at the center of if. What do YOU need and what might work for YOU? 
Trust me, we will make it work… commit 21 days to this simple program – and change your life!

Continue reading

Toronto, here I am

Hey my friends!

NEWS at optimum-you: In addition to working through Facetime and Phone (which I will always continue to do as my clients are all over the place) – I am now finally seeing clients in a proper nutrition office again- yay! I am renting space from my friend and highly respected colleague Josh Gitalis in Portland Ave (very fitting for me!) in Toronto (Portland and Adelaide, just west of Bathurst, south of Queen). Come see me in person if you are here!

To sign up for a free 15min session to discuss if we are the right fit – in person or via phone/Facetime – please email me at

Looking forward to working with you!


tummy troubles?

Quick tip of the day: take good care of your gut!
How do I do that? Eat good foods, manage stress and take good care of yourself – take a good quality probiotic in times of bigger stress.
That’s it!

If you want to know more – find out more below: Continue reading

lofty goals?

Hi my friends!

How are you doing with your goals for 2018?
I have never been a fan of lofty New Years Resolutions – as I know from working with all of you that it is about the long term commitment and the little things you do consistently… HABITS… those are what changes your life!

But – I do think that the New Year is a good point in time to start fresh, take a look at what you are doing and consider doing a few things differently, Continue reading