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simple ways to reduce toxins in your life

Reducing your toxic load is one of the big topics that flows into my nutrition and health coaching work. Especially with hormone health, it is such an important key topic to tackle.
And yes, it is complicated…
Making this integrative journey simple for you is my main goal – so here are the 3 things you can focus on to start reducing toxins in your (and your loved ones’) lives: Continue reading

kick the sugar habit – join me!

Finally, we are approaching the launch of my annual clean up… are you in?
I don’t know about you, but I so NEED it this time around. My annual sugar addiction is not so easy to break this time…I went from chocolate in Portland and Germany to Margaritas in Mexiko back to chocolate. My plan was to leave the sugar in Mexiko – but somehow these snowdays in Portland completely messed me up! My husband was traveling, I was stuck in the house with the kids, no school, no going places… Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful time playing in the snow, sledding, spending hours and hours outside. But – warming up with hot chocolate or tea and left over goodies and chocolate was part of the routine.
Enough is enough! Continue reading

Intermittent Fasting, Hormones and Weight Loss

We don’t need statistics to show we hit an all-time high – or, more accurately, low – for overweight and obesity. Regardless, we have the numbers, and they aren’t pretty.
One study found almost 35 percent of American adults are obese (1), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found almost 71 percent of adults are overweight (2).


Just as bleak, evidence shows diets overwhelmingly don’t work, and studies show most people who lose weight regain it plus additional weight after five years (3). Continue reading

Hungry much?

When’s the last time you felt hungry, I mean really hungry? Many of us utter the words, “I’m hungry” several times throughout the day to our co-workers and/or family members as meal times approach. (If you are a Mom, you probably hear this quite often!) Most of us don’t actually remember what real physical hunger feels like because we eat for a multitude of other reasons. Habit – it’s lunchtime or dinnertime, so we eat. Boredom – nothing to do, let’s scavenge the kitchen for a snack. Social – you’re at a party and there’s great food being served. Emotional – something makes us feel sad and empty, so we fill the void with food. Food doesn’t really fix anything, but seems to satisfy for a short time. Continue reading

don’t let stress sap your skin

We all know that stress is bad for us and causes a multitude of health problems, but today we will change pace a little and focus on your lifestyle and in particular how stress can impact your skin. Let’s not forget that our skin is our largest organ and first line of defense in our immune arsenal. Your emotions can have a significant effect on your skin. Continue reading

Use essential fatty acids to balance hormones

In our current culture, we have been programmed to associate “fats” with bad health; however, not all fats are the same. There are bad fats that need to be avoided such as hydrogenated fats and some saturated fats as Barbara so well describes in her previous blog!

For the purposes of this blog I would like to focus on the two types of Essential Fatty Acids, namely Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s and their function on the female hormones. Continue reading