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Time to meditate anyone?

healthwellth     I often work with my clients on stress management. As we have talked about often, chronic stress (negative stress, that is) does have a profound impact on your long term health. It can negatively affect your immune system, your hormones, your skin health, your gut health, your inflammatory response, your weight….and all of these are (of course) interconnected.

We juggle so so many things – the kids, the job, the relationship, the friends… and then we are supposed to work out, eat healthy, clean up and sit down and meditate? Find time to not stress? How is that supposed to work?

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goal setting for optimal health

Health is an interesting topic in regards to goal-setting. What’s the point at which you’ve achieved perfect health? What does it take to be perfectly healthy?

Interestingly in life we’re often driven by goals that are set in the future. We all know about “SMART” goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. Well, that’s one way to look at it. Say you want to loose two pounds by the end of the month. What does that say about where you’re at in five months? Very little. Unless you change your habits along the way.

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healthy through stressful times

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem too much, not fair, extremely stressful, unbearable… I am in the middle of going through one of those streaks. I am hoping the worst part is over – and I am moving towards the end of it (fingers crossed). Things are looking up. Yay!
Reflecting on how it felt, paired with knowing what I know… here are some ideas and experiences on what feeds your resilience (I love this word) and makes you go through these times easier. Continue reading

How to find the right diet for yourself

Our obsession with food

Food is always a great topic, because it affects everyone very personally. The discussions in the media are endless. Media strives on the subject of food, because it’s polarizing and inexhaustible. Whether it’s fats, sugars, lactose, gluten, the vegetarian diet, the vegan diet, the paleo diet… we will never hear the end of it. It helps to think about food and how you treat your body, of course, and it’s smart to be knowledgeable about nutrition. Yet at the same time the information can be overwhelming. What we’re sometimes left with is confusion and a feeling of guilt. Am I really eating healthy? Should I be checking myself for gluten intolerance? Continue reading