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simple tricks to keep up your hydration

How are you doing in the hot weather? Quite intense, isn’t it? I am really enjoying it! The weekend at the cottage was amazing and the perfect place to bet – but even back in the city, we are making sure to keep the house cool, we have lots of shade in the backyard – and – we all make sure to hydrate lots. Continue reading

tummy troubles?

Quick tip of the day: take good care of your gut!
How do I do that? Eat good foods, manage stress and take good care of yourself – take a good quality probiotic in times of bigger stress.
That’s it!

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kick the sugar habit – join me!

Finally, we are approaching the launch of my annual clean up… are you in?
I don’t know about you, but I so NEED it this time around. My annual sugar addiction is not so easy to break this time…I went from chocolate in Portland and Germany to Margaritas in Mexiko back to chocolate. My plan was to leave the sugar in Mexiko – but somehow these snowdays in Portland completely messed me up! My husband was traveling, I was stuck in the house with the kids, no school, no going places… Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful time playing in the snow, sledding, spending hours and hours outside. But – warming up with hot chocolate or tea and left over goodies and chocolate was part of the routine.
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Sleep better?

The goal of my work with individuals and groups is helping you discover your ‘optimum-you’ – whatever that means for YOU. A big part of our work together is focused on movement and nutrition – but it does not stop there. Stress and too little time in our days often leaves my clients with not enough or not the right quality sleep and rest. Not being able to fall asleep or waking up around 2am and not being able to go back to sleep are common problems clients deal with. Sleep issues directly impact health, weight, mood and well-being. Growth, recovery and rejuvenation happen when we rest.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Fabulous Skin in 2017

It’s that time again, time for a fresh start – a new year with new goals and resolutions! I love this time of year because it is an opportunity to reflect on successes and challenges of the past year and hit the reset button with new resolve. The stats tell us that only 8% of people actually have success sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions. That’s sort of disappointing, and I wonder how we might increase our odds of success. Continue reading

Magnificent Magnesium

What inexpensive, naturally occurring mineral cures constipation, eases muscle aches, reduces inflammation and helps you sleep better at night? Magnesium – the magnificent mulitasker! Magnesium is a co-factor in 300+ biochemical and enzymatic reactions.
Most people don’t realize what an essential role magnesium plays in maintaining good health. Continue reading

Time to meditate anyone?

healthwellth     I often work with my clients on stress management. As we have talked about often, chronic stress (negative stress, that is) does have a profound impact on your long term health. It can negatively affect your immune system, your hormones, your skin health, your gut health, your inflammatory response, your weight….and all of these are (of course) interconnected.

We juggle so so many things – the kids, the job, the relationship, the friends… and then we are supposed to work out, eat healthy, clean up and sit down and meditate? Find time to not stress? How is that supposed to work?

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optimum-you fat loss challenge – join me!

enough is enough…. for weeks, I have been discussing in my head the fact that I put on some weight… Not crazy. But too much for me. I found a million reasons as to why this happened and how it makes sense and how that is totally okay: the stress of my past 6 months or so, the resulting cortisol levels that hold on to fat, the lack of proper sleep that results in hormonal issues and carb cravings, the simple emotional eating factor – that made me eat way more chocolate and wine than normal… and the lack of time for moving my body (which makes me crazy anyway). And: age.

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don’t let stress sap your skin

We all know that stress is bad for us and causes a multitude of health problems, but today we will change pace a little and focus on your lifestyle and in particular how stress can impact your skin. Let’s not forget that our skin is our largest organ and first line of defense in our immune arsenal. Your emotions can have a significant effect on your skin. Continue reading

healthy through stressful times

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem too much, not fair, extremely stressful, unbearable… I am in the middle of going through one of those streaks. I am hoping the worst part is over – and I am moving towards the end of it (fingers crossed). Things are looking up. Yay!
Reflecting on how it felt, paired with knowing what I know… here are some ideas and experiences on what feeds your resilience (I love this word) and makes you go through these times easier. Continue reading