Consulting – corporate


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My consultant business is thriving and I love it! I work as strategic and business development consultant in nutrition and health topics .

My background spans marketing, strategy and business/product development in sporting goods and nutrition –  as well as nutrition and holistic health work – which gives me experience in those topics – and deep consumer insight and a unique awareness of needs and business opportunities.

This powerful combination makes me a perfect partner to help your company tackle health and nutrition topics, come up with new and sought after product and content in an ever changing and developing industry, position yourself well and make a difference.

My clients range from a pure and delicious Juice Bar, to food companies in the healthy and innovative sector, to my biggest client – adidas. Helping these brands think through the consumer need and approach down to innovative and cutting edge product offering and detail, new ways of talking to and ‘wow’ing the consumer – this is what I love to do.

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