I am back…

Hello my dear friends.

I have been out of writing for a while. I hope you all missed me a little bit:).
I certainly missed you!

My mum was severely ill, I therefore spent lots of time in Germany – in addition to my work for adidas that takes me traveling quite a bit, there was not enough time left for writing.
Also, my motivation was tough to find. My mum was (she sadly passed away mid July) the fittest and healthiest person I knew. She was my inspiration – she is the reason for me doing my work…she did so much ‘right’ – and she was only 72 when she was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of Lymphoma and 73 when she passed 5 months later.
Way too early in general – and it certainly feels very wrong for somebody who moved her body, ate well and took good care of herself.

My mum was healthy all her life. She was fit, had trouble moving and doing whatever she wanted to do. She had a beautiful, rich and very active life.
And, the last few months of her life – that were a beautiful and deep time with her (and brutal, obviously) – she would not have had this little bit of so precious time, had she not been so fit and strong.
So even though it is not fair and does not make any sense that this had to happen, being fit and healthy served her well.

The other bigger thing (but minor compared to the first) that happened in my life is that we moved to Toronto end of June. My husband’s home – it is nice to have grandparents and a family cottage in our life. Great to be closer to Germany. And to be away from Trump. We loved our time in the States, and stayed much, much longer than I ever thought – but enough is enough. Canada seems like a great place to be currently. I will keep you posted on how I like it.

Anyway, there was and is a lot going on – both organizationally and work-wise,
and also emotionally.

Did I make it through all of it healthy and well?

I took good care of myself. I went and got massages and facials. I went for runs, I went for walks, I did yoga. I ate really well. I kept sugar and alcohol in check- as this definitely would be my normal ‘stress instinct’.
And I acknowledged and tried to work with my emotions, the kids stress and emotions and my husbands as well. ‘It is okay to be sad and mad’.
I am trying to be nice. To people that are important to me – and to myself.
Most importantly. I have an amazing family and wonderful friends who helped and are helping me through.

Where am I going with all this?

Being healthy is not one dimensional. It is not ‘calories in and calories out’. It is not just eating a ton of kale. It is complex and holistic. It starts with self-talk, emotions and relationships and goes into how you eat, how you move and how you take care of yourself.

I have always known this and worked this way in my coaching sessions – but I am currently developing an all new system and approach in how I want to work with you all. A frame that takes all these elements into consideration and does not let you get away with doing one piece of it right while draining your health and well being by sticking to something that is not serving you well in a different corner. All new, even more holistic and better…yay!

So. I am back. With more to share with you. With more understanding on how to keep going. With more gratitude. And with a chunk of sadness as well.

Be well,

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