lofty goals?

Hi my friends!

How are you doing with your goals for 2018?
I have never been a fan of lofty New Years Resolutions – as I know from working with all of you that it is about the long term commitment and the little things you do consistently… HABITS… those are what changes your life!

But – I do think that the New Year is a good point in time to start fresh, take a look at what you are doing and consider doing a few things differently,maybe doing a few more drastic measures to get you going – like do a quick ‘clean up week’ to get rid off some Holiday Flab – same with the house or office or whatever else is stacking up around you.

The other thing, the New Year is a good time for, is looking at the things you use habitually and constantly – and how they are serving you. As you all know, one topic I like to look at with my clients deeply, is toxins and exposure to stuff that we don’t need to expose ourselves and our families to.

No, I am not saying everything needs to change. What I am saying though is that AWARENESS is key. Looking at yourself and what you do and what you expose yourself and your family to with open eyes from time to time, and consider how this all serves you, is a great exercise. That exercise alone will get you started – as awareness is the first step to change.

To do: Under the assumption that one of your goals is to look and feel amazing (am I right?) – look at your habits with regards to eating healthily, drinking water, drinking alcohol, eating sugar and junk, moving your body, sleeping and taking care of yourself – and what products you use and you are not sure about – and simply write it all down. If there are any areas that you don’t like – figure out if you would like to change them, break it down into simple and track-able steps and go ahead and do it. Enlist a friend to hold each other accountable. Download the optimum-you habit tracker to support you.Simply get started.

Too much?
Let’s do it together – email me if you need individual support or if you would like to join a group session where we bring our sheets¬† and discuss it.

Happy New Year.


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