simple tricks to keep up your hydration

How are you doing in the hot weather? Quite intense, isn’t it? I am really enjoying it! The weekend at the cottage was amazing and the perfect place to bet – but even back in the city, we are making sure to keep the house cool, we have lots of shade in the backyard – and – we all make sure to hydrate lots.
In my years of supporting people in feeling their best – one of the easiest – and at the same time most profound – interventions is to hydrate more. So so many of us don’t consume enough water. And the benefits of being better hydrate are plentiful:

  • better mood
  • better digestion
  • better energy levels
  • better metabolic functions
  • better…everything!

Yes, you know – but you still can’t do it – you say? Here are a few simple tricks. They almost seem too simple!! But if you take just 2 of them and put them into practice – you have made HUGE progress on your path to feeling your best:

  • have a big glass of water first thing in the morning: you can have that with lemon, with apple cider vinegar, drink it warm or simply drink plain water. Benefits to all versions – but as long as you have a big glass of water, you are already ahead of the game!
  • add a few other hydration breaks during the break. Set your alarm, put them on your schedule, do whatever you need to do to make them happen
  • in times of higher hydration need (e.g high heat and with exercise), add a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt” or “Celtic Sea Salt” to your water (but really just a pinch) occasionally to hold it better in your body.
  • if you have alcohol – make it a habit to have at least one big glass of water for every glass of wine or so. Sparkling water with a lemon or whatever you feel like – but be sure to make this a rule.
  • make water drinking fun and interesting. Add cucumber slices, ice cubes and some herbs. Or lemon and lime. Or frozen berries….yum!
  • try my currently favorite summer water recipe: 1 thinly sliced cucumber, 2 thinly sliced lemons, 2 tbsp grated ginger, 1/2cup of mint leaves and about 8 glasses of water. Add all ingredients in a glass jar and mix well, refrigerate (with lid) overnight, strain, add ice and enjoy!

Happy summer and keep hydrated!

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