simple ways to reduce toxins in your life

Reducing your toxic load is one of the big topics that flows into my nutrition and health coaching work. Especially with hormone health, it is such an important key topic to tackle.
And yes, it is complicated…
Making this integrative journey simple for you is my main goal – so here are the 3 things you can focus on to start reducing toxins in your (and your loved ones’) lives:

  1. Go organic – at least with the dirty dozen.
    Yes, organic unfortunately is a bit more expensive still. And yet, there are clear insights that show that you reduce your exposure and up your nutrient density by going organic. Do you have to go all and exclusively organic? Would be great – but hard to do – so here are the most important pieces: eggs, dairy and meat. Yes, please. You don’t want the extra dose of hormones and antibiotics (at least in North America). In terms of fruits and veggies: the environmental working group releases its annual list of the dirty dozen – if you get the organic version of those – you are up for a good start. And here are the clean fifteen, where organic makes the least difference in terms of toxins (not looking at other impacts here).
  2. Avoid plastics.
    Yes, plastics are bad Рnot only for the environment, but also in terms of what they leach into your food and drinks. BPA free is free of BPA Рbut not free of everything else that we will  get studies about soon Рso avoiding is best! Especially heating things in plastic (microwave) and storing for long time should best be avoided. Get cute glass and stainless steel bottles, swap your plastic containers for glass ones. So much better for you Рand the environment!
  3. Take a look at your cosmetics and cleaning product.
    What you clean your home with stays around. What you put in your garden does. Read labels and educate yourself. AND – what you put on your skin gets soaked up by our biggest organ and interacts with your system. Make sure you use safe cosmetics – I can’t stress this one often enough. Same goes for stuff you put on your kids. Luckily, there are tons of safer and safe brands popping up everywhere. One that I really like – very high standards plus producing amazing results in breakout reduction and skin elasticity/feel – is BeautyCounter. Check them out here.

Hope these thoughts help and get you inspired to take a few steps in a cleaner direction, happy to support you if you have questions!

All my best and be well,

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