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Karen Johnson I had no idea that I wasn’t actually feeling that great until I went through Barbara’s program. I teach pilates and I run a lot – I am active all day. I thought I am eating fairly healthy and felt in pretty great shape. And the way I feel now is still so much better! I feel light, I am full of energy, I run faster and longer, I can run and then go back to pilates without feeling beat and tired… And I lost these last 4 pounds without even trying. And the biggest and most impactful change is that I am free of migraines. I have been suffering from migraines all my life, needing heavy medication and simply being out for days. They are gone!! I will be working further with Barbara on how to make this stick and how to feel this way for the rest of my life. I am so glad I started working with Barbara and can only recommend her. Karen Johnson
Kirsten Ashmore I have been struggling with my weight since the birth of my first child, five years ago. It has been a constant struggle of dieting, exercising, but always going back to my same habits. A month ago, I started putting myself first and that first step was having a consultation with Barbara Birke. She was so kind and understanding of where I was and immediately put together a plan for me based on what would work for me and my busy lifestyle. The immediate results were amazing. It hasn’t been long, but the plan she put together has allowed me to get a handle on my weight and has given me the tools I need to rid my body of this extra pounds – and I also feel amazing! The Pathway Fit® genetic test added a very powerful tool to individualizing my plan. I would encourage anyone that is done trying to fix themselves with limited to no results to reach out to Barbara to make themselves better. Kirsten Ashmore
Kaytee Petross I am an athlete and always interested in refining my nutrition and also my general approach to health. The Pathway Fit® test gave me confirmation of what I already suspected plus plenty of new and interesting insights and explanations. I love that you can see which nutrients you need to watch out for and what diet works best for your optimal health and performance. The part on exercise also completely fits my profile. It is a really interesting and helpful test and Barbara’s way of explaining it makes it easy to understand and work with. Kaytee Petross
Shelby Walker I just finished a three week cleanse with Barbara and she was amazing! She is knowledgeable, understanding and supportive. She could relate to my struggles with being a full time working mom of two, which I really appreciated. What I thought would be very difficult was actually quite easy due to Barbara. She was always available to help me with questions, or offer suggestions with my diet. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to detox, improve their nutrition, or all around becoming a healthier person. Shelby Walker
Steph Noble Barbara has a clear ability to listen to my needs and goals as her client. Each meeting with Barbara she referred back to the main goals that I had set at the first meeting. The consultations with Barbara are gentle. She comes from a place of non judgment, humor and understanding. She creates a plan of eating and health that seems clear and easy.I found the 3 week detox program in combination with the Pathway Fit® genetic test to be extremely beneficial. I really feel on target towards health after that combination. The testing provided information, some of which I suspected and other information that was a surprise. All the information, when presented by Barbara, created a picture of my body and health that is clear and simple. I am already looking forward to my next appointment. Steph Noble
blank I originally came to Barbara with complaints related to of lack of energy and arthritis pain. Barbara suggested a non-inflammatory diet.Over a period of months, we worked through an elimination diet, testing my sensitivity to foods such as dairy and gluten. Not only was Barbara professional and knowledgeable, she was also extremely supportive by offering supplementary articles, personal emails, and advice. I feel so much better and I learned a lot about how to manage my own food sensitivities. I recommend her without reservation. Molly Jones
Lee Ann Barbara is a very knowledgeable and well-rounded nutritionist. She has made the path to good health far less intimidating than I expected! She has helped me understand not only what I can do to feel better but why I should maintain good health practices. LeeAnn McLennan
Steve Vincent I participated in a one week cleanse led by Barbara Birke. It was challenging the first few days, but I felt stronger and better by the end of the week. Through the process I became much more aware of the food I was taking in. Since the cleanse, I kept many of the practices. I have worked out regularly for years and was never able to lose weight. Five weeks later I feel better than ever. I have lost 18 pounds. The combination of exercise with the right diet was key. I would highly recommend Barbara as a nutritional guide and the cleanse as a break from habit and a new look and awareness of your diet. Steve Vincent

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