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THE best way to be healthy

What really is the best way to get to where you want to be in terms of health, fitness, well-being…Is there a winner diet that is the solution for all? The workout that just takes care of everything? What is the key?

…the only real and sustainable way is to find your way and stick to it. With all the ups and downs it might entail. I recently received this beautiful review from one of my amazing private clients – and it sums it up nicely:

“…I was initially skeptical about working remotely, but after an initial conversation with Barbara by phone, I was persuaded that it could work for me. And it did! With Barbara as my guide and accountability coach, I cleaned up my diet and established a sustainable fitness routine over the course of a few months. Barbara is super-knowledgeable about nutrition, takes a sensible and personalized approach, and helped me make the changes I wanted to make but hadn’t found the willpower to carry through. Thanks to Barbara, I’m proud to say that I’m eating better, going to the gym regularly and feeling comfortable in my clothes again. I recommend her highly!”

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well – it is not – she has done tremendous work and she is in a beautiful place now.

But yes – this is the solution – constant work, review, trial and sticking to what works. An accountability partner from time to time helps a ton – and it is what it is…. a process. Many small things and habits that add up.

So – what do I want to tell you today? Don’t give up. Stick to it, keep doing the work, you are doing amazing…!

change is a process

I often get emails from clients that read something like  “I just wanted to let you know that you were right all along”. Or: “I want to do NOW what you suggested to me a while ago – can we work together again? I REALLY mean it this time”. And it is cool to see… that, yes, I was right all along :) – but more importantly, things need their right time and place. Change is not going to happen when I understand something and see the solution from the outside – it is going to happen when the individual client is ready inside and out. I can support him or her in getting there, and I do. And sometimes I force them to simply see it and do it because it is a medical necessity and it is that important. In those cases, it works quickly because it is the only way out. And sometimes, when it is more subtle and hidden, and we are simply not there yet – they need to go about their life and come back to this when they are truly ready. And – they really do.

Habit change is not an easy business. Megan and I have our share of experience in working with people and their individual issues, likes, dislikes, situations, reasons, excuses and enablers – and we both love to support you all through your times of individual challenge and growth. For us it is most important to help you through this process and to then make sure that it sticks.

Did you know that there are stages in habit change? Continue reading