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goal setting for optimal health

Health is an interesting topic in regards to goal-setting. What’s the point at which you’ve achieved perfect health? What does it take to be perfectly healthy?

Interestingly in life we’re often driven by goals that are set in the future. We all know about “SMART” goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. Well, that’s one way to look at it. Say you want to loose two pounds by the end of the month. What does that say about where you’re at in five months? Very little. Unless you change your habits along the way.

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This morning I prepared our usual yummy smoothie and finally got around to adding a few of my favorite superfoods again. It made the smoothie so much healthier and even more amazing – and it also tasted even better. Raw cocoa, coconut oil, goji berries, spirulina, chia seed, hemp seed, flax oil, cinnamon, ginger and so on…

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habits and routines

I am back!!!
You may have noticed that I didn’t post any blog posts in the last few weeks.
What happened? Are there a million good reasons why I just didn’t get to it? Sure – there are!!
Nutrition conference, family stuff, lots and lots of clients (yay!) and a great corporate client (yay!)… is all that enough of a reason not to send my newsletter?
No. It is not. I didn’t forget you either. Really!

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what a great day…

I am sitting here, making myself aware of all these great things that happened in the last few days:

– one client fitting into a very important dress very easily and looking stunning!
– other client sending pictures of herself of a trip to London consuming green smoothies with protein instead of scones with jam – and enjoying it! (there might be some scones somewhere also, but still… awesome work!)
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healthily selfish

I like the concept of being “healthily selfish”.
We do like to take care of everybody and everything else first – german ladies to an extreme, I feel – but most of us women do have some variation of that attitude ingrained into us. Taking care of and investing into ourselves seems like this crazy thing. Who would do that? It makes so much more sense to us to take care of everybody and everything else.

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why a cleanse is good for you. be inspired.

I just finished one of my fabulous mini-group-cleanses.

Reasons that it was fabulous?
– all participants experienced profound changes. Which only makes sense because we only put very clean and great food into our bodies and support our gut. But still – it is always great to see! Continue reading


It is interesting, how it is getting closer and closer to the Holidays, it is getting darker and darker, colder and colder…. and many of us are getting more and more lazy, less and less fit… we start insulating ourselves with a little extra layer… or a bigger one…  we feel that it doesn’t matter as we cover up in clothes anyway. Who cares? Plus – it is that time of the year…we don’t want to deprive ourselves of the fun and happiness that comes with it all. Continue reading