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THE best way to be healthy

What really is the best way to get to where you want to be in terms of health, fitness, well-being…Is there a winner diet that is the solution for all? The workout that just takes care of everything? What is the key?

…the only real and sustainable way is to find your way and stick to it. With all the ups and downs it might entail. I recently received this beautiful review from one of my amazing private clients – and it sums it up nicely:

“…I was initially skeptical about working remotely, but after an initial conversation with Barbara by phone, I was persuaded that it could work for me. And it did! With Barbara as my guide and accountability coach, I cleaned up my diet and established a sustainable fitness routine over the course of a few months. Barbara is super-knowledgeable about nutrition, takes a sensible and personalized approach, and helped me make the changes I wanted to make but hadn’t found the willpower to carry through. Thanks to Barbara, I’m proud to say that I’m eating better, going to the gym regularly and feeling comfortable in my clothes again. I recommend her highly!”

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well – it is not – she has done tremendous work and she is in a beautiful place now.

But yes – this is the solution – constant work, review, trial and sticking to what works. An accountability partner from time to time helps a ton – and it is what it is…. a process. Many small things and habits that add up.

So – what do I want to tell you today? Don’t give up. Stick to it, keep doing the work, you are doing amazing…!

Happy New Year

Wishing you all an amazing, healthy and happy New Year and all my best!

No matter if you are into ‘New Years Resolutions’ or if you think they are unnecessary – the New Year is always a good time to look back and assess what worked well and what did not – and look ahead and have some kind of a ‘fresh start’ into a few things, recommit or try something new.

And it certainly is a good time to clean up or re-start food and exercise routines, meditation practice, journaling practice, kindness and gratitude efforts, self love, all of these things that help us be and feel at our optimum.

I am starting a deep cleanse this Monday – cutting out a few food things that stress me over time and am shifting overall a bit more into not only gluten, but completely grain free. Workout wise, I have been super consistent – and am simply recommitting to my routine, trying to shift back to more yoga. Also working on my morning routine… so… lots to refine and recommit to.

As you know from, I am only taking on a very limited number of clients now. I have a few spots available and if YOU would like to clean up, re-commit, be held accountable, shift things a bit – reach out and let me know. I am here to support YOU.


kick the sugar habit – join me!

Finally, we are approaching the launch of my annual clean up… are you in?
I don’t know about you, but I so NEED it this time around. My annual sugar addiction is not so easy to break this time…I went from chocolate in Portland and Germany to Margaritas in Mexiko back to chocolate. My plan was to leave the sugar in Mexiko – but somehow these snowdays in Portland completely messed me up! My husband was traveling, I was stuck in the house with the kids, no school, no going places… Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful time playing in the snow, sledding, spending hours and hours outside. But – warming up with hot chocolate or tea and left over goodies and chocolate was part of the routine.
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Hungry much?

When’s the last time you felt hungry, I mean really hungry? Many of us utter the words, “I’m hungry” several times throughout the day to our co-workers and/or family members as meal times approach. (If you are a Mom, you probably hear this quite often!) Most of us don’t actually remember what real physical hunger feels like because we eat for a multitude of other reasons. Habit – it’s lunchtime or dinnertime, so we eat. Boredom – nothing to do, let’s scavenge the kitchen for a snack. Social – you’re at a party and there’s great food being served. Emotional – something makes us feel sad and empty, so we fill the void with food. Food doesn’t really fix anything, but seems to satisfy for a short time. Continue reading

Everything in moderation?

In our work, we are often confronted with this statement: ‘everything in moderation is the right way to go’. Is that really true?

That is a good and valid question – and as with many things and theories in the world of nutrition advice, there is no correct one answer. One size does not fit all with regards to a lot of dietary theory or belief. You are an individual. Your metabolism, your gut, your mindset, your sensitivities, your current stress level…. all of this will influence how you respond to different things.

So with regards to moderation, there are a few simple questions to help you decide which way to go with a certain food or food group: Continue reading

just do it

I had this awesome conversation with my daughter the other day… I wanted her to do something active with me, she really wanted to hang out at home – and I asked her to “push herself to do this” for someone she loves. She was all puzzled and asked what that means – she said “what does pushing yourself mean, Mama – I have never done this?”. It was quite cute.
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