The second genome thriving inside you!

BacteriaIt sounds creepy, I know. But living inside us are around 1000 bacterial species with around 2 million genes of their own. And this profile is unique to you.

That’s around 100x the number of genes that make up the human body itself and this doesn’t even include all the viruses, fungi and other bugs!

But what on earth are they doing in there?

These bacteria contribute to our gut microflora which is responsible for an incredible array of functions to keep us healthy and thriving. Have you ever stopped to think about how these little bugs help to digest toxins, pollutants and drugs we ingest? How they break down the food we eat to deliver nutrients in a form that our cells can use to perform their functions? And they produce neurotransmitters and signaling molecules to communicate with the brain, aswell as help to educate our immune system. Phew, busy critters and that’s only just scratching the surface of what they can do.

How our gut microflora is modulated by the food we eat and what this means for our health is a vast area that we will keep coming back to in our blogs and via our facebook site.

It also forms a crucial part of our approach with clients, in using probiotics to support the body’s transition as it finds its own healthy balance. Watch this space and in the meantime, be mindful that what you are eating is also feeding millions of other little guys who are working hard to help you to stay fit and well.

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