Veggie Challenge – are you in?

On a call with one of my wonderful clients yesterday, we landed on taking a ‘veggie challenge’. We decided, that for the coming week, we would add veggies to everything we eat. Find ways to integrate them no matter what.
I frequently see clients (and myself) eating less veggies during this time of the year – as nobody feels like eating salad all the time and smoothies are cold and summery as well…
Well. Veggies are still important and the best thing you can have. And having them not only raw but prepared all kinds of different and warm ways is great – as different preparation methods unlock different nutrients and help your body extract more and different micro-nutrients easier.
Eggs for breakfast? Add some spinach and herbs. Pasta for lunch – mix tons of veggies into your sauce. Dinner? Buy as many seasonal veggies you can find, cut them all up, add some olive oil, pepper and salt, maybe a few herbs, put them into a roasting dish and pop them into the oven. They taste the best and are so so easy to prep when they are pure and lightly seasoned – no big fuzz attached.
Hungry for a snack? Veggies and hummus, lightly salted edamame, a cup of vegetable soup….

Here is my challenge to all of you this week: JOIN US. ADD VEGGIES TO EVERYTHING YOU EAT and tell me how you do!


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