Why do I still buy my cosmetics in Germany?

As you probably all know about me, I am from Germany and have been living in the US and then Canada for about 11 years now.
One question I get often is: why, after being away for so many years, do you still buy your cosmetics in Germany? Doesn’t that seem a bit sentimental?
No, actually, this has no sentimental reasons at all.
Here is the thing: I can’t even count the amount of ingredients in personal cosmetics (stuff that we put on our biggest organ – the skin – that gets sucked right up and into our system) that are not allowed in Europe, but are declared “safe” in North America.
Trust me, Europe allows enough stuff that I would not exactly consider safe either – but if even they have reasons to not allow so many ingredients – do you think they are crazy and over protective? Or do you think, they might be onto something….?
I have a very clear opinion on this, as you can tell from me still buying my stuff in Germany. And – even in Germany, I only buy organic and select stuff.

One of the biggest things I do with my clients going through health challenges and/or wanting to live a cleaner and healthier life: remove toxins wherever we can. The amount of unwanted and unseen chemicals we are exposed to on a day to day basis are INSANE – and we can do so much to reduce this. Cleaning supplies? YES. Laundry detergent? FOR SURE.
And most importantly: everything you put into your body AND onto your body.

The new thing on my side is this: I Just now stopped bringing things in from Germany, because I have, for a long while now, watched and researched a bunch of new and amazing natural cosmetics companies emerging all over the place over here. And – I finally decided that I trust one of them – BeautyCounter – 100% and actually LOVE what they are doing. Not only do they formulate and sell amazing CLEAN product, that makes me and my skin very happy (plus is safe for my kids – e.g. huge topic of Sunscreen)… – AND they also fight for stricter regulations in North America and are making great progress. Wooooohooooo!

So – I am sold – and I whole hearted-ly recommend for you to try them out, if you are looking for the clean solution as well. Have a look and enjoy!

My german readers: this applies for Canada and the US – if you have questions on my favorite german bio product – let me know – happy to help you find the right thing for you and your family!

Be well,

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