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Optimum You by Barbara Birke Personalized Coaching

OPTIMUM YOU guides you through a five-step program that will help you to find your thrive, and to keep on thriving. By tapping into your purpose, creating awareness and embracing self-acceptance, and then combining the three fundamental THRIVE elements of MOVE, NOURISH and RENEW with SELF-EMPOWERMENT, you will discover not only the OPTIMUM YOU that you desire, but the inner strength to keep growing. Since different people respond best to different types of learning and experiences, we offer a mix of experiences that are tailored to your needs: online courses, in-person workshops, and individual coaching.


client success stories

“Barbara has a clear ability to listen to my needs and goals .”
Steph Noble
“She was so kind and understanding of where I was and immediately put together a plan for me .”
Shelby Walker
“She has made the path to good health far less intimidating .”
LeeAnn McLennan

Current & Upcoming Experiences

Take Charge and Thrive - The Optimum You Introductory Healthy Living Course

An introduction to a holistic health system that works for YOU. 

Five Steps to Thrive Foundation Course

The signature Optimum YOU experience,  a five-step holistic health program designed to help you Find Your Thrive and keep on Thriving.

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