Would you like to feel fantastic as a woman over 40?

I have spent the last 25 years working with people on achieving their own variation of optimal wellbeing and health.

I am a nutritionist with a broader perspective. My knowledge and education base ranges from Sports Science with a focus on Psychology and Motivation, to Holistic Nutrition, to Mindfulness and Yoga, as well as further education in Holistic Health (and lately tons of extra courses and books on hormones and menopause). This broad perspective allows me to take a truly holistic approach.

I have lived, studied, and coached in Germany (I am German), in the US (for 10 years) and now in Canada. My biggest project always has been finding my own THRIVE: long story — but I am NOT naturally sporty and fit — and I am predisposed to health and weight issues.

I, proudly, am the holistic lead for the global adidas Runners Community.

My focus with Optimum You is directed at who I deeply understand and love working with: women 40+, going through the roller coaster of life—and hormonal—shifts. I feel you. And I know how to support you…

together, we will find back YOUR thrive and energy through (peri-)menopause and beyond!

Barbara Birke Optimum You
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

client success stories

“Barbara always knows the right thing to say at the right moment - she is great at anticipating exactly what your challenges and needs are - often before you yourself can put it into words. She hits the nail on the head - every time.”
—Christine B.
“I learned so much from Barbara on how to listen to my body and how to make better choices. Through the years, even when I "slack off" and start "forgetting" my habits, I go back to the knowledge I learned from her, and I start feeling great again. Barbara is so positive and open in a way that you immediately like her. She is not "forcing" you to a diet or health trend, she works with you to make your habits work for you as an individual. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health...it's all related to your habits. You will not regret it! ”
—Blanca M.