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Barbara Birke

My key passion in life is this: ‘I want to support women in reaching their individual Optimum through nutrition strategies, movement and simple and sustainable healthy habits’.

I am a nutritionist with a broader perspective. My knowledge and education base ranges from Sports Science (DSHS, Germany) with a focus on Psychology and Motivation, to Holistic Nutrition (BCHN, USA), to Mindfulness Coaching (Unified Mindfulness), as well as further education in Holistic Health. This broad perspective allows me to take a truly holistic approach.
I have many, many years of varied and deep experience. I worked with athletes, I have helped people regain their health, I have worked in a global corporation, I have supported busy people – from board members to multi-tasking parents – to make it work and find THEIR individual Optimum You.

I am the holistic lead for the global adidas Runners Community. The only thing that truly works in finding and sticking with your own Optimum is building consistent, high quality habits that are personalized, holistic and simple. No cookie cutter solutions…

Let me support you –

with the OPTIMUM YOU holistic health system


optimum you Experiences

Your Best Home Office Day

Upgrade your work-from-home habits for good to improve your well-being, fulfillment and
work-life balance.


Your Thrive Formula

The signature Optimum YOU experience,  a five-step holistic health program designed to help you Find Your Thrive and keep on Thriving.

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