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Embrace getting stuff done at home and make the most of work (and life) in our home office. So this week, I have another major tip for my community - and it’s all about: ENERGY.

Here’s a revealing (but also a scary) experiment to do: One day, from when you wake up to when your head hits …

No matter if you are in home office or a home maker - getting stuff done at home can be super challenging and lead to tons of frustrations and overwhelm - trust me, I know. I have been living the glorious Home Office Live for many, many years now - long before it was a thing we all have to figure out. In addition, I happen to be a Holistic Health Coach who focuses on SIMPLE HEALTHY HABITS - so as you can imagine, optimizing this situation has always been - and is now even more - one of my top priorities.

How can you support your sleep with simple shifts, routines, holistic healthy habits that support good sleep? As always, one size does not fit all and the details will be most impactful and lasting if individually tailored to your needs and your live!!! BUT - here are a few key areas to look at, be aware of and explore

Would you like more energy? Could you use a boost? More sustained power throughout your day? Do you feel like you can't make it through the day without coffee and sugary pick me ups? There is so much we can do, to take good care of our energy and fuel it in a way that keeps us going sustainably - let's look at a few key ideas (from a nutrition angle today - obviously there are other holistic habits that add to this).

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