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The Optimum You way is HOLISTIC, meaning we look at the whole you, and we work with movement, nutrition as well as mindset, rest and resilience building to help you find YOUR holistic health formula that works for you, resulting in optimal health and wellness.

Cravings often have more reasons than pure nutrition (they are certainly not a “lack of crappy carbs”). They often occur in times of stress, imbalance (hormonal or otherwise), when you are tired and running on empty.


Take a step back, take a deep breath and consider what is going on.

Are you stressed and out of balance? Are you upset? Are you tired? Are you simply hungry?

Did you work out and not fuel up enough?
Whatever the answer is – look at addressing the root cause.
Make sure to get better sleep, take a quick walk, meditate… find your individual response.

Drink a big glass of water.

Often the pause and the glass of water get things balanced out. More often than not, the cravings are quelled surprisingly easily (and we are actually thirsty).

If you are still hungry – see if you can find a healthy snack to get you satisfied and give you more and sustainable energy long term (no crashes!). A balance of non-starchy veggies, some protein and some healthy fats – like veggies and hummus or a few nuts and some fruit can do the trick.

Download my CRUSH SWEET CRAVINGS Summary with simple tips and tricks on how to respond when cravings hit, as well as a few very yummy healthy swaps (easy recipes) to be ready to respond with great choices that hit the spot. Those options will satisfy and give you energy longer term and carry you through any stressful situation at your best. And they are easy to throw together, too…(I call my recipes “food assembly” J).

Your relationship with cravings and stress can shift by changing simple healthy lifestyle habits, one at a time. 

Changing your healthy lifestyle habits can feel overwhelming, but it can be as simple as upgrading your first response to cravings (a pause, a deep breath, a walk, a glass of water) and preparing some healthy options for emergencies.

Enjoy the changes you will see.


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