Hydration and peri-menopause

5 ways hydration eases (peri-)menopause symptoms

Want an easy way to feel better and improve common ailments (peri-) menopause can bring?
Hydrate more.

Very often one of the first key shifts I help women make is increase and improve their hydration.

Key benefits of hydration:

Water plays a key role in our system – every cell and process needs hydration to function optimally – so it actually is not surprising how impactful hydration – or dehydration – is for our overall health and well being.

If you actually look at many of the negative side-effects the shifting hormones during (peri) menopause bring, there is a lot of overlap with dehydration symptoms.

Let’s take a look:

1. Boosted brain performance

It has been shown in several studies that mild to moderate dehydration can severely impair cognition, can cause attention problems and lead to issues in decision making.
If you consider that loss of focus, forgetfulness, brain-fog are all side-effects of peri-menopause…
I highly recommend to – finally – take hydration seriously!

2. Smoother digestion

In order to digest food properly, your body needs water. Gas, bloating, irregular bowel movements, heartburn – and other uncomformatble digestive symptoms – can impact your quality of life. Hydration is such an easy fix!
As one of the many (peri-) menopausal symptoms is digestive issues – drink up and look for mineral water (with magnesium and sodium).

3. More energy and less headaches

If I got a dime for every time a (peri-) menopausal woman told me she feels low in energy, can’t focus and has frequent headaches…. Newsflash: Dehydration can make you feel sluggish and tired. It can also lead to or worsen headaches.

Ehm. HYDRATE, please?

4. Decreased joint pain

Cartilage needs water. Good hydration lubricates your joints and means less friction. As you probably know, increased joint pain is one of those pesky side-effects (peri-)- menopause brings. Seems like an obvious choice to me? Drink up!

5. Better temperature regulation

When you are dehydrated, your body stores more heat. Temperature regulation is off. And who needs that – especially during (peri-) menopause???

Foundations to THRIVE through (peri-) menopause

There are even more benefits to keeping your body well hydrated – but these 5 should be enough to make it clear why I see hydration as one of these non-negotiable FOUNDATIONS to set yourself up to thrive through peri- menopause.
I can only repeat: Want an easy way to feel better and improve common ailments (peri-) menopause can bring? Hydrate more.

If you could use support figuring out your personal path through (peri-) menopause, I am here for you! Don’t suffer unnecessarily and set up your personal free strategy call right here.

Talk soon,


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