Healthy (Peri-)Menopause with

OPTIMUM YOU is all about holistic healthy habits specifically designed for women 40+, going through the roller coaster of life.

I feel you.

I know how to support you.

Let’s thrive through (peri-) menopause together.
Barbara Birke

Say GOOD-BYE to feeling out of control & overwhelmed.

Say HELLO to the thriving you 40+!

simply healthier • empowered • energized

simply healthier

with the OPTIMUM YOU holistic health system

Low energy? Moodswings?

Is 40+ throwing you for a loop? Do you feel like things are out of control and what used to work for you doesn’t work anymore? … you feel out of breath when you go up the stairs, weaker than ever, you rival a teenager’s skin breakouts, you gain weight for no reason (and all in the wrong places!), your digestion is complicated, you can’t focus properly and keep forgetting your keys, you are moody or even super sad all the time (even if you have no idea why) — and your kids are proud of you when you can actually stay up until the end of a movie.

All of these things all at once — or just one or the other starting to creep in?

Or — are you simply worried at what might be coming and want to get ready?

And maybe your doctor scared you with all the increased risk factors of this age?

hotflashes? weight-gain?

Let me help you take back your POWER and clarity.

We will come up with your own set of holistic, personalized, and simple healthy habits that set you up for easy transitions and build the foundations on how to thrive long-term!

As a side effect, you will finally have your mindset, nutrition and movement habits nailed, without any overwhelm — and feel better than ever!

This won’t eliminate hormones shifting, of course, but it will make things smoother — and you will know what to do, how to ease the ride and how to take care of yourself.

Hello to the THRIVING YOU 40+ – simply healthier, empowered and ready!

TRUST YOURSELF, this is the time to act!

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