Back To School
With Simple Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Back to school and work is very different this year. Very busy, crazier… and in addition, there’s a number of added uncertainties and insecurities that we have to deal with. 

How can we make it through this Back to School at our best? With high energy and productivity? Happy and balanced?

Planning Ahead to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness
The answer is as simple as it is powerful: PLANNING. And I don’t mean planning for perfection. In fact, perfection is never the expectation. I mean planning what we can, so that we have some control and a feeling of ease, while we’re juggling everything there is to juggle this year. 

Three Healthy Living Tips to Get You Going:

  1. RENEW: Daily Journaling: The ultimate tool to go through any busy and taxing time at your best is putting pen to paper and making a plan. Journaling specific, realistic and actionable steps and checking off the boxes is not only satisfying – it also increases the likelihood of following through immensely (by 42% according to an often cited study by the Dominican University of California). I personally get up an hour earlier than I need to, so that I have some extra time to spend turning inwards, moving gently and journaling – starting with gratitude and leading into planning my day with intention.

  2. NOURISH: Meal Planning: The more that you plan your meals and translate that plan into a shopping list, the easier it is to be prepared. Map out your dinners of the week, ideally cooking enough to create leftovers for quick and easy lunches and snacks. Have a set of breakfast ideas that work for everybody, and make sure they’re balanced:  with some protein, healthy fats, and colours – and you’re all set. Check my Instagram to see my family’s for this week (@youroptimum) – I will provide you with a downloadable template to support your own soon. Also – head over to my Pinterest for lots of easy and healthy recipe inspirations.

  3. MOVE: Scheduling: If you plan out your week and set the intention in the morning that you are going to fit in some yoga – you’re a lot more likely to make it happen. Look at your week and create a balanced, high quality movement plan that you can execute consistently. Schedule times, locations and accountability partners to make it happen – and ignore the excuses.

Start thinking about these 3 ideas. Pick (at least) one for now and work towards making it happen – I will be providing more guidance on the specifics of these 3 tips in the coming weeks.

Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits with Optimum You
The Optimum You Journal is launching soon and will be an amazing tool to bring this to life with ease!

I hope this supports you.

Be well,  Barbara

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