BOWLS – the Healthy Nutrition Habit that keeps your energy high!

One of the main goals of healthy nutrition habits is to eat in a way that keeps your blood sugar stable, therefore avoids insulin spikes.

Why? It is how to get more energy! Our blood sugar is the master controller that dictates our hunger, our cravings, and our energy. Balanced blood sugar helps keep our brain sharp, our energy levels stable, our metabolism healthy and our mood balanced.

What does that mean, practically, for my healthy lifestyle habits?

It means that you will feel your best, happy and fuller longer if you make sure to always, always balance out your meals with healthy fat and clean protein… and that you focus on slowly digesting, low glycemic carbs (NOT highly processed and empty ones) – veggies and fiber first!

Enter BOWLS:
Bowls are one of the simplest ways to throw together a healthy meal with all the above mentioned components. To make following this formula extra simple – download the Optimum You Overview Sheet right here.

HEALTHY LIVING TIPS – 3 reasons why BOWLS are magic:

  1. Balance: Bowls are basically built on the idea of creating a balanced meal for optimal health and wellness. You choose a base (like quinoa, rice, leafy greens, or sweet potatoes), add several veggies (more greens and cut up or shredded veggies of all colours of the rainbow), add some protein (like chicken, eggs, chickpeas, tofu, beans, salmon, seeds etc) and healthy fat(s) (like avocado, nuts and seeds, salmon, the oil in the dressing or so) and top it off with extras like a healthy dressing, spices, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or the like. Download our BOWL MAGIC infographic for a super-simple guide.

  2. Quick assembly: Bowls can be assembled quickly when you have a few items prepared in your fridge – they are the perfect meal for busy days and for to-go/at work/at school lunches. Simply have variations of foods of all above groups ready to go in your fridge, and you can throw together a healthy meal in the tightest of time-frames. How to get more energy – quickly and simply!

  3. Variety: You can create endless variations on the same principle. Use the same foundations and top off the bowl with whatever you like. Which means you have simple variations for different tastes and likes – or can eat a similar meal every day of the week without getting bored by switching up parts of the ingredients. Healthy Lifestyle Habits made simple.

I hope this supports you on your path to optimal health and wellness.

Be well,


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