Decide to take better care of yourself

Mindset, the way we talk to ourselves and support ourselves in doing something or not doing something, the way we look at the world, what we believe about the world and us, and what attitude we choose… those are key factors in sticking to healthy habits.

Your thoughts are just thoughts

Here is one key insight: Our thoughts are exactly that: thoughts. Are they the truth? Are they really how things come together? Most of the time – especially when we are caught up in some drama how everybody and everything works against us – nope. Not the truth. Just drama.

That might sound a bit harsh and as if I am not taking you, and your suffering seriously. I do. I have lots of understanding and empathy for most situations (and just to state the obvious: I am talking about everyday drama here and not about trauma, absolutely not going there!).

How have I seen people move on and find freedom from their everyday drama that kept them stuck FOR YEARS AND YEARS? By finally leaving it behind. By getting out of the drama and moving forward. And seriously debunking the self talk and limiting beliefs that kept them stuck.

Beliefs are decisions

What you believe about the world is often shaped by things, dynamics and circumstances from early on in your life. It sounds crazy, but I can’t even tell you how often my work as nutritionist, movement and holistic health coach ends up leading to limiting self believes that we decided to carry with us early in our life.

Everybody is more important, smarter, better and prettier than I am. I am not worth it.
I am not in shape and never will be. I am not an athlete – other people are sporty, not me!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Awareness and acceptance are key to success

If any of the above – or similar things – sound familiar. Don’t get upset and judge yourself for it. We all are really good at this. Really! Simply be super happy and proud that you finally understand. Listen to your inner voices – write them down – and turn every single one around into a positive version. And then practice activating them. Catch yourself every time you use the old version, smile about it – and correct yourself loud and clear.

Beliefs are simply decisions we make about ourselves.

Decide to take better care of yourself. Because you are worth it. Decide to live healthily. Decide to be happy. Decide to be you.

Please dm me on IG if you would like to go deeper on this – and build a personalized plan for simple healthy habits that actually stick and change your life, one step at a time.

Here for you,


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