How to get more Energy and Move into your day. Simply.

One of the biggest issues I hear around making your healthy lifestyle habits work is lack of time.
How am I supposed to make holistic healthy living for more energy work with so much going on in my life?

Such an important question around finding YOUR holistic health solutions that stick.
It all comes down to priorities, your decisions and your resulting plan.
A solid move plan includes scheduled workouts, AND, it also includes the additional ways we can integrate movement into our day. Let’s start this challenge with the example of walking.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing walking. Countless studies support that more steps walked in a day result in more optimal health and wellness. In addition, walking and breathing deeply puts you into the right mindset for moving more, eating well, hydration… one healthy lifestyle habit usually triggers the next – create momentum on holistic healthy living for more energy, one step at a time!

5 healthy living tips – simple ways to include
more walking into your day:

  1. Park further away. Successful healthy lifestyle habits include leaving your car at home or parking the car further away and walking instead as much as possible. People in North America often look funny at this german girl walking everywhere. But hey – I am in much better shape than most who give me funny looks…!

  2. Schedule walking meetings. When you meet a co-worker or a friend for a coffee and a chat 1:1, schedule a walk instead. If you need a coffee as well, grab your to-go cup – and enjoy the fresh air and movement as additional pick me up!

  3. Walking calls. How to get more energy during your day, you ask? Fresh air and movement work wonders – so grab your headphones and make your calls an active and engaged healthy lifestyle habit to look forward to.

  4. Avoid human transporting devices. Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators as much as possible. And if you have time at the airport – you can even walk these looooong halls instead of standing on human conveyor belts. Worth it!

  5. Enjoy the added benefit of nature. There are huge benefits in connecting back to nature as much as we can. Make it a planned activity for weekends or times when you can to go out into nature for walks and hikes and enjoy the benefit of more movement and more nature, fresher air etc.

Building healthy lifestyle habits can seem an intimidating big task. Break it down into simple holistic healthy living steps, that you can integrate into your day and that move you in the right direction and trigger a pro-active mindset.
Walking is one of those simple things – setting you up for big changes down the line.

I hope this supports you.
Be well,


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