How to nourish yourself for high Energy

Would you like more energy? Could you use a boost? More sustained power throughout your day?
Do you feel like you can’t make it through the day without coffee and sugary pick me ups?

There is so much we can do, to take good care of our energy and fuel it in a way that keeps us going sustainably – let’s look at a few key ideas (from a nutrition angle today – obviously there are other holistic habits that add to this).

Hydrate Well

Hydration is crucial in sustaining high energy levels throughout the day. Water is needed to bring nutrients to the cells and it also cleans out waste products. You constantly lose water through breathing, urine and sweat. Even mild de-hydration makes your feel tired and weaker than usual. Consuming plenty of fluids in beverages and water-filled food (such as fruits, vegetables) will help replenish the water your body loses throughout the day and can help you maintain your energy.

Plenty of Fiber

By making sure you eat plenty of fiber, you can slow down the release of glucose into your bloodstream – meaning, you won’t have energy ups and downs after eating but it will be easier to maintain even energy levels. In addition, eating a fiber rich diet (combined with good hydration) supports a healthy digestion. And regular elimination also supports you to feel light and higher in energy!

Balance of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats

This one is one of THE most important things to learn about healthy nutrition, and how to support satisfaction, satiety and even energy levels. And you have probably heard me say this many times before. And here, I will say it again: Please balance your meals and snacks – meaning eat fiber/complex carbs together with protein and some healthy fat. For your meals and snacks and always always always…

Eat fresh and colourful foods

Okay, this one is obvious – but worth repeating as well: Natural foods versus packaged and processed are best for you and your energy levels. Eating lots and lots of colours means that you ensure to get a great variety of nutrients. Making sure to get a variety of nutrients (via fresh foods and colours – and sometimes with added supplement support) ensures that your has every building block it needs to function flawlessly – so that you can feel high energy.

Our challenge this week will bring all of these simple insights together in one key moment in your day: What you eat first is how you start your day. You set the tone for how this day is going to go. START WITH BREAKFAST… That means – have a big glass of water first – and then a proper breakfast with protein – not dessert (a “breakfast muffin” or cereal with sugar and milk) – something with colours and fiber and a bit healthy fat and plenty of protein. That sets you up for an amazing day full of energy!

And here you go – that is our challenge for this week.

Welcome to our At-Home Midlife Challenge – Week 4:
The Optimum You Breakfast Challenge.

No exceptions. No ifs and whens.
1. First thing – a big glass of water.
2. A good, balanced breakfast – with protein, healthy fat and some complex carbs… and some colours to make it highly nutritious. Simple examples: something with veggies and eggs. A Smoothie packed with greens and berries, with a good protein powder and some chia or flax seed. A breakfast bowl with nuts and seeds and some fruit….
3. Track how you feel and how your energy develops throughout the days.
Follow me on Instagram for ideas and inspiration. Download a few recipes and an awareness tracker here.
Once you found your optimal breakfast – your blood sugar will stay even – which in turn leads to solid energy levels and no crashing and burning. It also simply sets you up for success and puts you on the right path for an overall day full of healthy choices!!!
Track your mood, your satiety, your energy every day – and see how you feel.

Try out different breakfast combinations – find some inspiration here – and write down what makes you feel your best.
I have tested and tried – and for me personally, it is a smoothie with greens, berries and a great fermented vegan protein powder as well as flaxseed and a prebiotic blend. Yum!

Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you,


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