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How to set powerful goals for you health and well-being

We are used to setting business goals. For ourselves – many of us have a few New Years Resolutions that are not really that serious or measurable or practical and get forgotten about quickly.

What if we change that? What if we set one – three quarterly goals that we actually go for?  

Setting goals for your habits and well-being simply means that you take yourself seriously.

3 questions to make them sharp:

1. how do I measure my goal state? How will I know I am there?
2. what do I have to let go to achieve my goal? What piece of self-talk, which habit, what self-sabotage is in my way?
3. How will my life change if I achieve it? Who will I be?

Finally, when you consider the things you have to work through and get rid off – come up with a few supporting thoughts, statements or feelings that you will pull out when things get tough. Be prepared and support yourself – and this will be much easier than you thought.

We worked through quarterly goals in my small group membership sessions (Inner Circle) this week – and it was really cool to see how much already becomes clear and achievable by simply putting a focus on it and asking a few questions! Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way :).

Would you like to feel full of energy and thrive?

Do YOU need support? I am offering a super-special one off personal coaching session (I usually don’t do one offs), that provides the space and the FOCUS to go deeper on awareness, clarity and how to start taking action – towards YOUR goals in Q1.

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What if you take yourself and your health, well-being and energy more seriously? What if you can actually do things differently and therefore get different results – uncover the right and consistent action for you that helps you feel – and be at – YOUR best.

Would that help you?

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