Genuine Health Fermented Organic Vegan Proteins+ Chocolate 600g

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This protein powder is the KEY to a great smoothie! Not only is it good for your gut and easier to digest, it’s now also organic! 20g of fermented protein from a mix of 7 plant-based, organic sources! USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified

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Why we chose this brand: Genuine Health is a brand that we value for so many reasons. They innovate and come out with special nutrition products that enhance our health, and yours. They are a B corporation. They are local Canadian. And their leadership on the research side gives us a lot of confidence in their products.

Why we chose this product: We’re something of smoothie aficionados, if you don’t mind us saying. And this is our go-to protein powder. It ticks all the boxes – taste, digestion, organic, plant-based. It’s got it all.

How this product can support your healthy lifestyle: This protein powder is ideal as the protein engine inside your daily smoothie. It brings balance to your macronutrients and mixes really well with your veggies and healthy fats.[/expand]

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  • Get more from your protein. Only fermented organic vegan proteins+ gives you a more digestible protein with a balanced amino acid profile – and gut health benefits!
  • Made with a custom blend of 7 high protein vegan ingredients.
  • organic spirulina, organic mung bean, organic yellow pea kernel, organic pumpkin, organic flaxseed, organic hemp and organic brown rice – that provide a balanced amino acid profile..
  • Plant-based protein sources are notoriously hard to digest – so we ferment them in small batches using non-dairy probiotics and enzymes
  • highly absorbable protein that is ready for your body to use.


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