Simple Holistic Health Strategies to Stay Healthy and Happy for Colder Weather.


External circumstances are not going to be easy in the next little while – and it is up to us to make the best of it and make it through this winter, with lock-downs and all. At Optimum You we firmly believe that you own your thrive and happiness.

And – we also know that there are simple healthy lifestyle habits that will carry you a long way through this – when you are on top of your game, you can feel better, work better, react better to whatever else is coming… so let’s work on getting there!

In the next few weeks, I will focus in on how to get ready and set ourselves up for getting through this as well as possible. Are you in?

This week, we will look at simple strategies on how to
THINK yourself into good space:

    Have you ever seen a complain about winter coming? Get depressed about the dangers of the cold season? Not try take control of whatever they can?

    Nope. They are all action. They get ready. They prepare themselves as well as they can for what is and might be coming. Crazy active around here… pretty cute!

    Now, I am not proposing to go out and hide nuts and acorns – what I am saying is this: get ready, make a plan, think through what you need to make this go as well as possible. Maybe you want to get a few new board games, good books, get some new at-home workout equipment or a nice blanket for the couch. Maybe you want to create an inspiring workout space in your basement. Prepare for the cold season and the fact that we will be home a lot.

    Bears have it right. When it gets cold, they slow wayyyyy down. You’ve prepared well and you are doing this all well at home – and it is super okay to you to slow down in between. Enjoy some hot tea by the fireplace, snuggle up with a good book and a blanket on the couch, have regular game night with the family – plan for enjoyable and cozy activities and feel good about slowing down. You don’t always have to be ON!

    Let’s decide right here and now that we will embrace slowing down.

    Recovery and Relaxation is extremely important for optimal health and wellness, performance and happiness – enjoy!

    When we moved to Toronto, I had the choice to hate on winter – or embrace it. And trust me, I am not a cold lover…. So, I decided to get everybody decked out with warm (no, I mean SUPER-warm) gear and go for it. I picked up skating, we are outside a lot – and we are embracing the cold. My husband (the Canadian) is used to it – but the kids and I had to find the right perspective. Well, the kids had it. When it started snowing – they got all excited and happy and active – so I decided to join in and embrace it. Do I sometimes wish I lived in warmer climates? Yes, for sure. Is skating fun? Yes, my friends, it is awesome and I am the first one out there now!

    No, you don’t all have to pick up skating – but find the joy in the cold season, get outside as much as you can – and have fun!

Let me know what you do to think yourself happy and healthy and are getting ready for this crazy year’s change of seasons!

Be well.


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