You are stronger than you think

What really makes the biggest difference in your progress towards habits that support you? Is it the right plan? All the details of what you eat and how much and when? Your workouts? Your other routines?

The things we have seen support people most over the years is on the one hand: ACCOUNTABILITY. A group, a community, a circle of friends that are really there for each other and walk the same path…. that gives incredible momentum and sustaining power!
AND: your inner strength. Your power. Your connected-ness to why you are doing this all – the clarity of where you are and where you want to go… and then the simple intention behind your choices.

Do I want to feel strong?
Or not?

Remember your strong

All too often the women I work with get to a point where they truly believe they are not strong enough to do this (whatever they planned out). And in those moments, I will say the sentence “You are stronger than you think” quite often. So many strong ladies in my circle!!! So: how do you find your strong? Go back to moments where you were – and felt – strong and in your power.

Reconnect to your strong

What did it feel like? What was it about? How did you behave and speak and move? What was your voice like? How did it feel??? Can you go back to one – or several – of these power moments and reconnect with them? And with the YOU in those moments? Can you see her? Can you feel her and acknowledge her? Doesn’t this feel awesome?

Contrast strong and not-strong

To be very clear – this is not about putting up a show and acting all strong. This is not about having to power through and having to be strong when you can’t. NOPE!
This is about connecting to your inner strength, your inner power – and contrasting what this state of being, of intention, of creating feels and looks like – versus when you are not connected, when you feel disconnected and lost – and out of power and strength.

Then – being quite clear that there is either this powerful and strong state – or the opposite. Not really anything in between.

Once you are clear on those, consider what support your strong. What connects you to your inner power. Which routines, habits, way to start your day…. make you be in this state of power? STRONG?

Rebuild your strong

This makes it super simple to design and build your day. Assuming that what you want is a powerful state, a state of strenght – consider what serves you and strategically design your day in a way that it builds and fuels your strength.

Drop habits and behaviours that don’t make you stronger. Ask yourself before engaging in something: will this feed my strong? If it does not – chose if you still want to do it – and if you do, be okay with the consequences and move on.

Simple as that!

Holistic strength-fueling habits are Individual

This doesn’t change the fact that we need to uncover your own personal set of habits and routines that serve and support you best. Sure, this is highlighly individual and needs to be built around YOU.

…with this, we then build and design strategically to have you moving from strength to strength throughout your day. Leaving you with the simple choice of doing something because it fuels your strength – and building up and up from there.

Isn’t this powerful? Who would NOT want to feel strong?

Be well,


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