You have to BE the person you want to become

Want to successfully live a healthy lifestyle?

Focus on who you want to BE not what you should or should not do.

All too often we get confused and overwhelmed by all the things on our list that we need to do, the things we need to change and the accomplishments we think we are going for – while the answer to living the healthy lifestyle we want, achieving the healthy weight we are longing for, having better skin, more energy etc etc – is way more simple than we think.

Decide to BE

Be the person who has a healthy weight, be the person who eats in a way that her skin is radiant, be the person who moves in a way that she is strong, supple and full of energy and power… Be like her. Before you make a decision, ask yourself “what would she do?” – and do just that. Would she skip the workout? Would she forget about her walk? Would she not take the time to make a yummy and healthful dinner?

okay, yes, isn’t that the same thing?

Yes, it is in a way.
But – it is also very different.

Because when you decide to BE the person, who …. – you took the most important step – you made a conscious and firm DECISION.
You will be and act this way. No negotiations and no sabotaging allowed.
Which is key!

It is a foundational shift, a decision…

and once that happened – going back is much harder.

Versus – when you make a list of habits and things you need to do, should do, shouldn’t do – you always leave soooo much room for sabotaging yourself, not doing the things and doing the opposite.
Okay, it does require some work to truly be able to take that firm and clear decision – make sure to get all the sabotaging voices and the confusion out of the way.

Try these 3 steps:

– have a clear picture of the person you will be
– feel deeply into what it feels like to be her. How does she move? How does she dress? What kinds of decisions does she make?
– BE her. Decide the way she would, act the way she would…. and you will get there easily.

Will there be resistance?
Ehm, yes, of course!
Can you do it?
Ehm, yes, absolutely!

Take a moment to consider this.

It is such a powerful shift – it will blow your mind when you can feel it!

I would be happy to help you get there. This month only, I am offering a very special deal – one 2022 FOCUS SESSION to create awareness, clarity and get you into ACTION to make 2022 a year full of thrive!


And – take the first step right now: feel into the person you want to be.
Who is she? How does she feel? And behave?

speak soon,


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