Healthy hormones through the holidays

It is the time of the year where temptations like sugar, alcohol and hefty foods seem to be all around us – and a woman in peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause, we are even more sensitive to the impact than usual.

Blood Sugar Balance as key pillar of keeping hormones balanced

One of the key topics I address in all my programs and coaching is how to keep your blood sugar stable, meaning how to avoid extreme ups and downs – as those have hugely negative effects on your well-being, your hormones and your long-term health.

The Holidays, of course, are a special time, where this topic seems to be even more important, as sugar is all around us.
You can actually do a lot to keep your blood sugar relatively calm – via nutrition hacks, movement and self-care + stress management. Think cortisol and belly fat – all the things we don’t want.

Get rid off belly fat, hunger pangs, mood swings

Too much simple energy, insulin resistance, high cortisol – all those are consequences of extreme blood sugar ups and downs – so lets avoid them as much as possible. We can feel them in the moment as hunger pangs, moods swings, low energy, quick weight gains – and long term impacts on your health.

Download my 5 STRATEGIES FOR WOMEN 40+ TO THRIVE THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS – with 3 added recipes for yummy holiday cookies that can help you moderate much easier.

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