How to bust self sabotage

In my years and years in working with people on building healthy habits that stick – I have found the formula of holistic, personalized and simple to be key – plus, the other key ingredient: MINDSET.

You can have a super plan, but unless you are set up for success with an unshakeable mindset, sticking to the plan will be a challenge.

If you feel like you might need to look at this – here are a few simple and very common progress blockers to look at:

Self Sabotage

What are the things you tell yourself, over and over again, that gets in your way? How do you talk yourself out of getting your workout done? What do you tell yourself to go on a sugar binge? What are your limiting beliefs and your self talk around these topics? Just listening and making yourself aware of what is going on inside your own head is a great first step towards getting on top of it!! Once you have identified common sentence – reframe them and tell yourself a better story!


Those go along the same lines… we tend to be super creative around excuses we find for doing something we didn’t want to do – or not doing something we wanted to do. Is our excuse connected to ourselves and the above mentioned self-talk? Or are we even looking for external reasons – like not wanting to “inconvenience” other people around us? (see my IG TV about this today!). Bust your own excuses as what they are – excuses and mostly not valid. Just get it done!!!


This is a funny one. Do you have an all or nothing attitude? Like you need to eat the healthiest diet, need to work out in perfect balance and also get all the Mindset and Meditation work right? I mean, yes, great if you can do all that – but if not, you know what – anything you do for yourself is great! Every single little step. And it is also way more realistic to do it step by step… and end up with amazing simple healthy habits that actually stick!!! So – be nice to yourself and drop the all or nothing attitude. You will end up with waaaay bigger and longer lasting results and less stress.

Sounds simple? Well – it really can be. Please comment on IG or send a DM with any thoughts or questions!

Be well,


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