How to find more time with ruthless prioritization and planning

No matter if you are in home office or a home maker – getting stuff done at home can be super challenging and lead to tons of frustrations and overwhelm – trust me, I know.
I have been living the glorious Home Office Life for many, many years now – long before it was a thing we all have to figure out. In addition, I happen to be a Holistic Health Coach who focuses on SIMPLE HEALTHY HABITS – so as you can imagine, optimizing this situation has always been – and is now even more – one of my top priorities.

I have learned a lot over the years for myself and am now coaching clients and corporate groups on this topic. It makes the biggest difference in people’s lives. They go from overwhelm and frustration to learning to see the opportunity in this and optimizing in the coolest individual ways.

If you are in a situation where you are working from home and want to upgrade your habits so that you get more done, feel less stress and have more work-life balance and fulfillment – I have developed a short and super effective digital course that guides you towards optimal home office habits, step by step.
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One of the foundational habits working from home is time management and planning.
I will highlight 2 key ideas right here – if you would like to learn more and really dive into this, sign up for the course.

1. If you want work-life balance, you have to plan for it

Remember my favourite concept of being healthily selfish? Taking care of yourself? Making sure to get healthy nutrition and movement in (which all in the end supports your focus and energy and makes you WAY MORE PRODUCTIVE than if you don’t do these things?).
Well, all of this will only happen if you plan for it. There are a few cool productive planning hacks we will dive into, but no matter how you do it – plan your WORK TIME and plan for R.O.L (rest of life) as well!
I do my planning the night before and refine it as part of my morning routine, in the morning (after meditation and with a fresh and focused mind – without checking my phone, emails and uninfluenced by everybody else’s needs). And it totally changes the game and significantly reduces frustration and overwhelm. I am super clear on my work goals. And I know when I will move, what roughly I will eat and I even find time to read, unwind, hang with the family etc. All this while being way more productive compared to just sitting and working non-stop. Seriously.

2. Be RUTHLESS in your prioritization

You probably know me as a very nice person – and not as somebody you would consider ruthless. Well, my friend, you probably have not tried to mess with my top 3 priority lists yet… :). I make those for my work and life for the day – and I am clear on those. If I am tight on time (which most of us tend to be, hello overwhelm), this is what I do – and if there is other stuff popping up, I plan that for the next day/when it makes sense, period. And yes, OF COURSE, there are emergencies and requests directly from the boss that I can’t ignore – and then I am flexible and adjust my priorities. BUT – I also make it clear that this shifts everything else in timing and priority.
Trust me, when you are that clear on what you are doing and what your priorities are everybody around you starts respecting those boundaries and that clarity. Yes, it is super scary at first to say NO. Or to say “if this… then that…” – because we all want to be nice and liked and stuff, right? Get over that. Please. Your future self will thank you.

First steps towards home office bliss

Want to get stuff done and feel good at the same time? Trouble saying NO anybody? Let’s change this:

1. Plan your day. Work AND R.O.L!
2. Prioritize ruthlessly – and enjoy checking off your successes
3. Bonus: every time you say NO – you get a bonus point

Optimal Home Office Habits: The benefits of planning and prioritizing

Stress messes with our hormones and our health, it even impacts our gut health (which is key to…. everything!). So – let’s de-stress and introduce calm and clarity to our days at home.
Productivity is key for all of us – and it is proven that scheduled and planned out days with regular breaks are more productive and yield better results than days without structure, taking meeting after meeting, trying to stay above water… that is so draining – let’s get out of this cycle!
And finally, fulfillment! Checking your priorities off of your list feels sooo good – it actually has been shown to release little bits of dopamine – so will make you happy and lead to you wanting to do more of it…. this is a good loop you want to get into!

Remember, this is just a tiny bit of the beginning of what we cover in my new course YOUR BEST HOME OFFICE DAY.
Upgrade your work-from-home habits for good to improve your well-being, fulfillment and work-life balance and join me in uncovering opportunity in working from home and living your best home office day.

Can’t wait to support you deeper,


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