How To Get More Energy With Holistic Health Solutions

One of the key benefits of the Optimum You Holistic Healthy Lifestyle my clients experience is optimized Energy Levels!

To improve low energy levels, fuzzy thinking, accelerated signs of aging – we need to look at how you support your mitochondria.

Apologies, the Sports Scientist in me is coming to the forefront for a bit – mitochondria are obviously very important in sports – but hang in there, it is simple: Every cell in your body has many, many mitochondria (cells of active organs have more), which are like little factories in your cells that turn oxygen and food into energy (they produce ATP, which is our currency of energy). They are called “the powerhouse of the cell” – and that for good reasons!

Fatigue is an imbalance between the energy demand and what the mitochondria can supply.
Mitochondria are quite sensitive to damage, and many things can go wrong with your mitochondria that make your metabolism and your stress response (think adrenals) run less efficiently.

Fortunately, you can profoundly impact the health and capacity of those mitochondria through the holistic healthy living choices you make. Which means: you can end up with waaay more energy!!

It is not enough to look at nutrition, or only focus on stress, single out the role of movement or only look at sleep – the best way to support your mitochondria is with Holistic Health Solutions!

How to Boost and Protect Your Mitochondria for

Optimal Health and Wellness – and Energy:

  • Eat Pure and Colourful Foods. Free radicals damage mitochondria and therefore impair energy levels. Pure and colourful foods come loaded with antioxidants (antioxidants de-activate free radicals) that protect healthy mitochondria function and capacity.

  • Get more Omega 3. It is important that we achieve a healthy balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids (learn more in my healthy fat blog post). Omega 3 fatty acids help build and strengthen your mitochondrial membranes. Cold-water fish like wild salmon, sardines and herring are good sources, as is flaxseed. For high quality Omega 3 supplements, check out our store.

  • Reduce toxins, avoid allergens. Learn to eliminate foods that trigger you and to reduce toxic exposure as much as possible. This protects your mitochondria and their function.

  • Move your body. Need another reason to exercise? Your mitochondria love it. A regular routine will build up muscular endurance and strength as well as the number and size of the mitochondria that power those muscles, so move for your mitochondria!

  • Consider Supplements. When working with a provider, you can discuss mitochondria-protective and energy-boosting nutrients – like B Vitamins, CoQ10 and more. Be in touch and check out our store if you need guidance.

  • Sleep well – everything in your life will feel better. Aim for seven to nine hours of good sleep a night. If you have trouble sleeping, please make sure to address this (as within your control). Find a few tips in my sleep blog post.

  • Avoid energy crutches. Cut back or eliminate ‘energy’ crutches like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol that ultimately create more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee – but do watch that you don’t overuse it and/or use it as an energy crutch. If you are looking for energy boosts, check out the options in the Optimum You store.

  • Learn how to manage stress. It is key for healthy mitochondria (and healthy adrenals) and therefore good energy levels, to manage stress well. Try to mainly expose yourself to positive stress (or eustress) and avoid distress (the negative kind of stress) as much as possible. If you can’t avoid distress, work on developing strategies to recover and undo the damage done as much as possible.

How to get more energy? As you can see, healthy mitochondria and therefore your energy levels get influenced by many holistic healthy living factors. You have to look at the way you MOVE, NOURISH and RENEW – one dimension is not sufficient. Optimum You Holistic Health Solutions address all these issues to make sure to support the whole YOU and help you feel and be at your best!

Start with small steps in the right direction, following this list – and watch as your energy levels improve.

I hope this supports you, and please be in touch if you need more guidance.


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