How to get ready for Peri-Menopause (and beyond).

…let’s start with the thing one keeps reading everywhere recently:”balance your hormones naturally” – can you actually do that and make peri-menopause and menopause easy?? Sounds too good to be true…
Well, the answer is not clear cut – it is a Yes and a No.

It is definitely happening.

Biologically, we are kind of shutting down our “purpose” – so our hormones shift – and they will do that – there is no avoiding or magically changing that fact.

Yet, there are a few things you can do to make things much smoother:

1. make the shifting smoother by supporting hormone health with positive holistic healthy habits and specific nutrients.
There are many things in our modern lifestyle that mess with hormone health (e.g. un-managed stress, hormone-disrupting chemical exposure, nutrient-deficiencies) and things you can do to support things can work as smoothly as possible!
Hormones in the body are like a finely tuned orchestra. They work in perfect harmony – and when one of the violins is out of tune, for example, things kind of get out of whack from there and the whole thing gets out of balance.
By making sure that you are set up for optimal hormone production and detoxification (right nutrients and habits in, damaging habits out of your way), you can ensure that you do all you can to not add additional strain and set your body up for a smooth “shifting”.

One simple example, to illustrate this: a healthy and balanced stress response and great sleep habits so that cortisol does not ‘disturb the orchestra’ and does not steal cholesterol from sex hormones (which it likes to do when there is too much stress) – and with that gets rid off the bits of estrogen we still have. So simple and so powerful when you need that estrogen!

Making sure your body works optimally

2. be in optimal shape to work against chronic ailments that get turbo-charged by menopause (think metabolism, blood sugar balance, heart health, bone health, skin etc).
You probably know that menopause increases your likelihood of metabolic issues, heart disease, bone loss. Again, certain things you can’t avoid – but – you can work against much of this big time.
So – lets make sure: Digestion and gut health is top notch. Chronic inflammation is out of the way. Health metabolism and blood sugar regulation, good stress response… all of these things put you into a position to be able to deal with the shifting hormones and associated risks much better, easier, with waaaay less side-effects.

It will still be happening – but firstly you will make it through much easier and better, as described above – and secondly, and this is also very important: you set yourself up for vitality and well-being as you age, and avoid a ton of preventable chronic suffering that so many people are dealing with.

Peri-menopause is an opportunity for change

In this way, peri-menopause is not a terrible thing, It is an opportunity to get your house in order, clean up your habits and set yourself up for vitality.

How do you do all that?
Simple: you figure out your own set of personalized and simple holistic healthy habits that work for you. Move. Nourish. Renew.
And you stick with them, adjust them as you go, get back to them every time you get off balance – and you end up feeling better than you ever imagined.

Trust me, I know what I am talking about.
I am in the midst of peri-menopause myself, I am genetically pre-disposed to all kinds of stuff like obesity, blood sugar issues and chronic inflammation – and I am feeling my best, in my power, high energy – and all of that with ease. Sure, there are signs and symptoms as things are shifting. Most I can ease with natural interventions – plus I have the big issues under control and I am thriving.

Simple steps, big results.

And my clients can report the same.

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Let me know if you are interested to hear more.


Optimum You. Simply thrive.

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