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I have Rosacea – which is an inherited skin condition that I am usually able navigate and control beautifully with anti-inflammatory nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle strategies. At the moment, things are getting a bit out of balance – due to hormonal shifts (hello peri-menopause) as well as pandemic stress consequences.

As I hear from my community, many struggle with skin issues – so I wanted to share some key insights on how to optimally support your skin, from the inside out:

What to do for glowing skin

  1. Eat less sugar and processed foods.
    Yes, you will hear this one from me for many many topics – and it is the truth. Sugar and processed foods promote inflammation and get you out of balance – which shows on your skin. Just try reducing or even cutting out sugar for a few days and see (and feel) the difference!
  2. Consume more Omega 3 and anti-oxidants.
    Omega 3 fats are unfortunately very under-represented in our modern diet. Most of us consume diets high in Omega 6 (which is more inflammatory) and the brain and skin and hormone supportive and anti-inflammatory Omega 3 is under-represented. Omega 3 rich foods are fatty cold water fish (e.g. wild salmon), flaxseed, walnuts… In order for your body to function well, and your skin to glow, you need to maintain a balanced supply of saturated and unsaturated fats as well as a good ratio of Omega 3s and 6s. Jump over here for a deeper dive into healthy fats. And – you need plenty of fresh plantfoods with lots of anti-oxidants – so eat tons of veggies!
  3. Eliminate Food Sensitivities.
    This one is often the key to success. Food sensitivities go unchecked and you get out of balance, your skin responds – and you don’t know to what. In order to properly figure out which foods support your (skin) health and which don’t, an elimination diet with a guided re-introduction with a trusted provider is the best path to success. DM me, if you would like to get on my waitlist for support or my next course!
  4. Support your gut.
    As with so many chronic and longer term conditions, a gut out of balance shows up everywhere! Supporting your gut and making sure you fix any gut imbalances supports your skin health and is the key to long-term health and well-being, period. In order to get started, read more here – and for more info about upcoming courses – or to get wait-listed for personal support, simply email or dm me.
  5. Prioritize Recovery and Sleep.
    Stress gets you – and your skin – out of balance. Manage your stress, look to find stress management techniques that work for you and ensure healthy and restorative sleep. Click here for tips on improving your sleep.
  6. Exercise and sweat regularly.
    Not only is exercise an integral part of a holistic healthy lifestyle – it also supports your natural detoxification and you basically clean out your skin (for a healthy glow). Make sure to work up a sweat regularly!
  7. Audit your skin care product.
    What you put onto your skin and how you take care of it, is obviously an important part of taking care of your skin optimally. Please be mindful of toxins in your environment and in conventional product and find the one that works for you. Read more here, email me for recommendations – and as good starting points, you can check out the Think Dirty – Shop Clean App for North America or the Tox Fox App for Germany.

These are the areas I work on – in general – but dive even deeper into, when my skin is acting up – and I can tell you that it shows pretty quickly! Clean skin from the inside out is truly a thing!

.Be in touch for support and follow @youroptimum on Instagram for quick insights and inspiration.


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