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Blood Sugar and Peri-Menopause

If you celebrate Easter, you will be probably tempted with lots of sweets today – happy hunting :).

As many of you know about me: blood sugar balance is one of my obsessions. For good reason. It impacts, truly, everything.

Especially in the menopause transition, blood sugar issues contribute to a ton of issues – plus insulin resistance in perimenopause contributes to the dreaded belly fat!
Simply put: in peri-menopause and menopause you have enough going on in terms of hormone fluctuations – what you really don’t need on top of that is blood sugar ups and downs and with that – Insulin (a super important hormone) chaos!

I love simple carbs and adore chocolate, so hear me out when I say this: simple carbs/sugar by itself and too much of it is not a good thing.                         

It harms you. It adds up to tip you into insulin resistance (which you are at higher risk for, come peri-menopause) and it brings along many many inflammatory and preventable issues.

Insulin Resistance and Peri-Menopause

For tips on how to keep your blood sugar stable – check out my upcoming posts on Instagram to learn more (and make sure to follow me!).
I am also writing an article about this and will share with you soon.

A key step: eating veggies/fiber, protein and healthy fat before or with sugar/simple carbs will stabilize your blood sugar response by a lot.

So: that is why the smart Easter Bunny is bringing eggs with the chocolate… :).

The best and most impactful way to learn how to really keep your insulin sensitivity optimal and your blood sugar well regulated – and FEEL the difference – is my CLEAN UP PROGRAM (hier ist der Deutsche Clean Up Kurs).

It starts April 24 (prep a few days before) and is a 21 day guided clean eating program focused on smartly SUPPORTING HEALTHY HORMONES.
We support our gut, add some supplements, great foods, (and learn additional move and mindset strategies if we have the bandwidth).

Energy and Lightness for women 40+

The result is an amazing feeling of lightness, energy and thrive – healthy digestion – plus a stable blood sugar – and all the anti-inflammatory, mood boosting and satiety inducing benefits this has!
KICK START your journey to feeling your best with a 21 day BANG.

More info can be found HERE (und HIER auf deutsch).

I am looking forward to supporting you,


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