Managing food sensitivities in the real world

In principle, I would say it is a good thing to be in tune with and listen to your body.
With regards to food sensitivities – you do some work and notice that you feel better without a certain food – and you cut it out, to not burden your digestive system, your whole body, with a food that doesn’t really support you.
Win? Usually yes.
And yes – those sensitivities can become more impactful and real game changers when you get older. They can tip the balance in the wrong direction – so taking them out can make a big difference!
So: Addressing food sensitivities can make a huge difference in your health – AND – they can also be a major stressor.

Yes – sometimes it is hard. It is relatively easy when the response is strong – but what if the response is subtle?
And – the food is something that is such a part of your life and it requires so much work to cut it out – how do you determine if it is worth cutting it out or not? Is it always important to cut it out – even if the response you notice is relatively small?

Strictly speaking: YES. Even if the response is small, there is a response – and that means that you are potentially fueling internal chronic processes with still eating this food. It might trigger chronic inflammation, irritate your gut… all the things we do want to avoid and calm down. So – with my nutritionist hat on, I would say: cut it out. Your body, mind and long term health will thank you!

With my holistic health hat on, I say: IT DEPENDS.
If you struggle keeping it out – and as a result you feel bad about yourself and stress out over it – that impacts your long term health in additional negative ways that you don’t need!

So – make a clear decision for yourself. I will eat xyz food despite the mild sensitivity I experience – or I will not.
If you chose to keep it in, be okay with it, don’t stress out over it – and simply remember it as something to look at should things somehow get worse.

If you chose to cut it out – be okay with that and make it happen.
I would recommend that you don’t approach it as a “lack off” conversation.
Focus on what you can eat, the amazing variety of all there is to chose from – try new things and roll with it!
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Do you have food sensitivities? How do you manage them?
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