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Midlife means you lose muscle…but muscle is one of the best anti-aging tools!

Here is the truth: hitting midlife means a lot of things – and one BIG one is that the rate of muscle loss increases.
The good news: You can reverse this nasty trend by exercising!

Exercise also has huge anti-aging benefits down to the cellular level – especially HIIT training and strength training are extra supportive. There are different studies highlighting different benefits – from telomere length to bone density as well as heart health and obvious mobility and musculoskeletal (and shape) benefits.

What do we make of this? Let’s get our move on, starting midlife this is even more crucial. Make sure to hit a good BALANCE of cardio (varying intensities), strength, mobility – and you are set up for success.

What I like to do with clients in midlife (and myself :)) is introduce targeted strength routines to make sure we build (and keep) all that important muscle.

Important first target is CORE STRENGTH. So important for everything and leading to unnecessary pains, aches and not-sexy posture issues when neglected.

So – here is the MIDLIFE AT HOME TRAINING CAMP CHALLENGE for WEEK 2: Do a round of different core strength exercises every day! Download a few foundational exercises right here and get through them daily! If you have a good core routine – pick it up a notch and commit to it every day this week.

Good luck and talk next week,

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