Healthy Habits and Nutrition: Not a Diet. A Way of Life, Personalized to You.

When I talk to people about my mission in this world, my education, what I do – I often get the question what diet I am on – am I paleo, keto, low something or high something else… and some are disappointed; but most are relieved that I simply say, “I eat high quality and balanced foods that make ME feel MY BEST”.

Passions run high on these topics – so, to get this out of the way right away:


I eat really well based on trial and error and finding exactly what works for me, at a given time. And trust me – it was a journey for me to get to the place where I am at right now, and there are always challenges and changes to adjust to.

And I help my clients to do the same. Listening to their body, their life, their beliefs, their health and well-being, their needs, responses etc.

Yes, I have tried all kinds of ways of eating and always experiment.

And yes, I eat tons of veggies, drink smoothies, eat plant forward, closely watch for food source and quality, am gluten free and keep sugar, alcohol and other stuff that doesn’t make me feel good limited. I do that because I feel my best when I eat this way.

And I also simply love it. YUM!

Eating your way to Holistic Healthy Living.

There are elements of keto or paleo or plant-based or other ways of eating that I absolutely love and recommend, other elements work for some and are a no go for others (hormones, genetics, gut health – so many variables that influence what works for the individual – there is no one size fits all in nutrition!) – so, no, you will not get me into a corner.

Usually I advocate for a balanced, healthy, unprocessed and fresh diet. And yes – sometimes a more extreme path is appropriate. Some of my clients end up doing Keto for a while. Some do auto-immune paleo. Some go through a few weeks of FODMAP or elimination protocols – but not with the goal of staying there. With the goal of getting healthy and being able to go back to balanced, unprocessed, fresh and simple.

In all this, PERSONALIZATION is key to holistic healthy living.

Foundational Healthy Habits and Nutrition Cornerstones for optimal balance?

  • TONS of: different colors of veggies, fiber, water
  • Good balance of macronutrients:
    clean protein, healthy fats, slow digesting carbs
  • Focus on high quality, pure and unprocessed foods
  • Always, always, always feeding and taking care of your gut
  • Crowding out: processed and refined as much as possible
  • Avoiding: anything that makes you feel crappy/your body has an adverse response to
  • Adding: a few supplements to support your body – depending on where you are at
  • Yes to: mindful eating, slowing down, enjoying food
  • No to: blaming, shaming and beating yourself up

Optimal Health and Wellness isn’t One-Size-Fits-All: What this all comes down to is finding YOUR personalized best way of eating. And making it simple, manageable and sustainable. A way of nourishing yourself, that works for you, your life, your world – and your body & soul.

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