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Optimum You is committed to responsible sourcing in choosing our partners and our products. We are also sensitive to your specific needs when it comes to some types of products. We use this icon system to tell you more about our products so that you can make informed choices that fit with your healthy lifestyle and your values.


We’re fortunate that there are lots of great healthy living partners making great products in Canada (and the US). We will always look first towards our local partners when we look for a product. And we’ve found many, like Genuine Health and Platinum Naturals here in the Greater Toronto Area. We like to stay local when we can, because the shipping is faster and less burden on the Earth, the transparency of our partners is higher, and the partnerships are richer.


We recognize the dangers of toxicity in our daily lives and we want to help you live as non-toxic a lifestyle as possible. Optimum You selects only products and brands that are committed to non-toxic ingredients, materials and methods. Whether it is BPA-free bottles, non-GMO sources or natural materials like rubber, our products are part of a non-toxic lifestyle.


Tried & Tested

One of the reasons we don’t carry as many products as others do is because we are committed to testing the products we offer. We’ve sweat on the yoga mats. We’ve tried the probiotics. We’ve mixed the smoothie ingredients to see whether they taste good and stay clump free (they do!). If the product is on our website, you can be sure that someone (or multiple people) in the Optimum You team has tried it out and can vouch for its role in your healthy lifestyle.

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