Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy Orange 399g

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What if you could get more energy in a healthy and lasting way?  Greens+ extra energy will nourish you while it energizes – for sustained and balanced energy. Formulated with the synergistic blend of naturally energizing greens+, plus taurine and naturally occurring caffeine from kola nut.

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Why we chose this brand: Genuine Health is a brand that we value for so many reasons. They innovate and come out with special nutrition products that enhance our health, and yours. They are a B corporation. They are local Canadian. And their leadership on the research side gives us a lot of confidence in their products.

Why we chose this product: We started using greens+ Extra Energy on the recommendation of our Genuine Health advisor, and now we never do a hard workout without it. It helps us feel focused, ready to perform and healthy all the the same time. This stuff is awesome.

How this product can support your healthy lifestyle: You can add this to a smoothie, but the orange-flavoured drink is great just mixed with water, or a drink that works well with orange. It works right before a workout, as a triple boost: hydration, sustained energy and greens that your body craves. But it’s also really good as a healthy energy boost any time of day.[/expand]

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  • 100% energy. 0% crash. All clean.
    Whether it is first thing in the morning to wake you up, energize before your workout, or just to get over that 3pm workday slump, greens+ extra energy works to provide long-lasting energy – from all-natural sources. No sugary energy drinks or coffee necessary!
  • greens+ extra energy feeds you with all-natural energizing ingredients including taurine and naturally occurring 100mg caffeine from the kola nut, PLUS a full serving of energy-giving, antioxidant-rich and pH balancing greens+ in every scoop.
  • Just one serving daily provides immediate, long-lasting source of all-natural energy, increased vitality and mental clarity and no over-stimulation or energy “crash” side-effects.


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