Optimum You - Blender Bottle®, Radian™ Insulated Stainless Steel, 26 oz. (769 ml), Black

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Keep your smoothies cold and fresh when you’re on the go, even when it’s warm (or downright hot!!!) outside. One of Blender Bottle’s best smoothie bottles, the Radian is double wall insulated stainless steel, and is best shaken, not stirred.

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Why we chose this brand: Blender Bottle is simply the best smoothie bottle brand out there. They have top-notch quality and continue to innovate, and their design continues to evolve. And they have a nice give-back program.

Why we chose this product: We’ve had our fair share of smoothie mishaps (can anyone say backpack berry burst???), so this large-sized bottle that keeps your smoothie cold for hours and hours is a life-changer. We also use it with our pre-workout greens+ drinks. We’ve been using their products for yeas, and this is the best one.

How this product can support your healthy lifestyle: These bottles are great for taking a big, nutritious smoothie for lunch or a post-workout meal. Or for saving your smoothies in the fridge overnight, or for taking any kind of yummy drink mix on the go, and keeping them old and yummy.[/expand]

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  • Double-wall vacuum-insulated bottle keeps drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours/- BlenderBall® wire whisk keeps smoothies smooth and lump-free
  • Secure seal prevents leakage.
  • Versatile carry loop detaches at the base to secure your key ring or clip the bottle to your gym bag.
  • Accommodate over-sized scoops and clean the bottle with ease thanks to the wide-mouth design./Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel/ Capacity: 26 oz. (769 ml)
  • Dimensions: 3.66 in., 9.92 in. (9.3 cm, 25.2 cm).
  • Care: Hand Wash Only.


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