Optimum You's - Daily Renew 6-Month Journal

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Keep your healthy lifestyle on track and live with intention!
This six-month journal is specifically designed to support your healthy habits. It helps you plan out your Move and Nourish intentions for the day. It encourages you to prioritize your tasks. And it gets you in the right mindset with a daily gratitude exercise. You’ll see immediate benefits when you start using our Renew journal, and you’ll want to use it every day. We do!

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Why we chose this brand: EcoJot is a local Toronto printer that uses only 100% post-consumer recycled paper – meaning, no trees cut down.

Why we chose this product:We swear by our daily journal. We designed this one to support the Optimum You Thrive formula, with prompts for your Move and Nourish plans, as well as spaces for gratitude and daily thoughts. And you can use it to keep your priorities straight and stay on top of your key tasks. The key to healthy habits and feeling your best, sustainably is being planful, and this journal will help you do just that.

How this product can support your healthy lifestyle:Planning your nutrition and movement each day is the best way to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. It becomes more critical as we get busy, so we recommend it as part of our healthy living system.

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  • Daily Gratitude Exercise
  • Move Plan
  • Nourish Plan
  • Key Tasks
  • Daily Thoughts
  • Printed on 100% Post-consumer recycled paper
  • Space for 6-months


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