Optimum You's - ORGANIKA Coffee Boost Bundle

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Enhanced Collagen Boost w MCT Oil and Organic Maca + Cacao Powder. Boost your morning coffee with a supercharged combo of increased energy, beauty-enhancing collagen, brain-boosting MCT oil, delivered with a yummy cacao taste!

Why we chose this brand: Organika is one of our favorite partners. Their passion for wellness, innovation and healthy living come through in their products. They are striving to reach their environmental footprint by switching to post-consumer plastic in their bottles. They are organic where feasible. And their products will fit effortlessly into your optimally healthy lifestyle.

Why we chose this product: Barbara uses this combo pretty much every single day in her morning and mid-day “foofie coffee”. It adds both flavour and amazing benefits.

How this product can support your healthy lifestyle: Add to your lattes, coffees, and smoothies for added flavour, sustained energy, antioxidant benefits, and more.

  • Organika – Enhanced Collagen Boost: Hydrolyzed collagen and MCT oil powder blend, 150g
  • Organika – Organic Maca and Cacao Powder: Organic Maca + Cacao Blend, 200g


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